Mini Game "Fishing" Is Here!

Mini Game

You can now play the mini game "Fishing" to experience and enjoy fishing in the Toram world.
Make sure to play the "Fishing" mini game as you can catch various kinds of fish and get exclusive items!

★:Intro to "Fishing" Mini Game

└●How to Use "Fishing Workbench"

★:Fishing Rod

└●Fishing Rod Parameters

└●Broken Fishing Rod

└●Switching Fishing Rod

★:Let's Enjoy Fishing!

└●Examples of Maps Where "Fishing" Is Available

└●Controls & Guides for "Fishing" Mini Game

└●Processing Fish


Intro to "Fishing" Mini Game

Once you have created the furniture "Fishing Workbench", you will be able to play the mini game. You will see the option "Fishing Gear" in the Character menu and "Start Fishing" will be added to shortcuts.

How to Use "Fishing Workbench"

Place the "Fishing Workbench" on Your Land and change it to View Mode. Select the icon displayed on the top to create fishing rod and view your catch.

1You can increase the storage space for your catch using Orbs or Spinas.
The more slots you add, the more Spinas will be required later.
2You ca create a fishing rod using Material Points.
Please refer to "Fishing Rod" below for details.
3Sunken Items are items you may get through fishing when the conditions are met.
You can check the infomation of the items you may get and the conditions to obtain the information.

*You can keep the list of sunken items for up to 1 month.
4You can check the date and size of the fish you have caught. You can also process them into Ingredient Points.
*You can only process them into Ingredient Points on Your Land.
Please refer to "Processing Fish" below for details.

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Fishing Rod

You can have up to 3 Fishing Rods.
Use at least 100 or at most 1000 Material Points to create a fishing rod.

Fishing Rod Parameters

RodThe hit zone becomes larger.
SnellThe reel meter depletes more slowly when you are out of the hit zone.
SinkerThe hit zone becomes less slippery.
BobberFirst contact with the fish takes place faster.
HookFight time becomes longer.

The paramaters of the fishing rod change depending on the number of Material points used. Allocate and adjust the number of Material Points to create the perfect fishing rod for yourself!

Broken Fishing Rod

・Broken Fishing Rod
The fishing rod will be broken and cannot be used anymore when the durability becomes 0.
The broken fishing rod won't disappear. You can use it to create a new fishing rod.

When a new fishing rod is created from a broken one, a bonus is applied to the highest parameter plus 1 random parameter of the broken fishing rod.

*If there are multiple parameters that are the highest, two of them will be selected randomly.

Switching Fishing Rod

You can choose or switch the fishing rod to use from Menu > Character > Fishing Gear.

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Let's Enjoy Fishing!

Add "Start Fishing" to shortcuts and use it on the map where fishing is available to start fishing.

Examples of Maps Where "Fishing" Is Available

Sofya City
Korda Basin
Athema Ruined Town: Area 2

*Fishing is basically not available in dungeon areas, but there are some exceptions.

Controls & Guides for "Fishing" Mini Game

1Check the fish you have caught.
2You can cast bait to increase the chance of fish getting hooked. The effect of the bait will diminish each time a fish gets hooked.
The effect on the current map will be lost if you cast bait on another map.
3Use View Mode

An icon will appear above the character if a fish gets hooked.]
Tap the icon to start the mini game.

*The icon remains active for 30 minutes. You can start the mini game at any time while the icon is active.

1Time Limit (Fight Time) of the Mini Game
If the time limit (fight time) of the mini game reaches 0 second, the fish that gets hooked will get away.
2The Fish That Gets Hooked and the Hit Zone.
You can charge the reel bar by timing the hit zone and the moving fish.
The hit zone can be moved to the left and right.
3Reel Meter
Charge the reel meter to pull the rod.

You can reel the fish in by pulling the rod when the reel meter is fully charged.
4Charge the reel meter to use it.

Processing Fish

The fish you have caught are stored in the cooler.
You can process the fish into Ingredient Points on Your Land using the furniture "Fishing Workbench" or from [Menu > Character > Fishing Gear].

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*The availability of the mini game and the content of the rewards are subject to change.
*Limited-time events or promotions may be held again in the future on different conditions after they have ended.

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