• ▼About Game data
  • Can I delete all the game data?
  • There is no feature to delete your game data.
  • ▼Switching Character
  • What is "Switch Character"?
  • You can play the game with different characters by switching the character.
    The following character data will change.

    - Lv and EXP
    - Appearance
    - Stat points distributed and stat points left
    - Skill points distributed and skill points left
    - Lv and EXP of Blacksmith Proficiency and Synthesis Proficiency
    - Combo Settings (The combo points obtained from the emblems will be shared.)
    - Equipment on the character
    - Shortcut settings

    *Other data will be shared with the characters you have.
    *You need to proceed with main quests or buy a character slot with Orbs to add character slots.

    Please note that "Change Name" in each character slot does not change the in game name you have created.
    Please use this function to distinguish the characters you have.
  • ▼About Stat Point
  • Can I re-distribute stat points?
  • You can reset the stat points by using "Reset Book" or Orbs.
  • ▼About Skill Point
  • How can I redistribute Skill Points?
  • You can delete skill trees and redistribute your Skill Points by using the following items or Orbs.

    *Please note that you will need to buy the Skill Trees that you have deleted to acquire them again.

    *If you have the Special Items to reset Skill Points, they will be preferentially consumed.

    ▽How to Reset a Skill Tree

    You can reset a Skill Tree by using "Notebook of Oblivion" or "Orb x10".

    "Notebook of Oblivion" is a Special Item to delete a Skill Tree and regain the Skill Points distributed to the Skill Tree.
    You can use "Notebook of Oblivion" from "Menu" > "Character" > "Skills" > Skill Tree > "Reset" > "Notebook of Oblivion".

    *You cannot use this item from "Menu" > "Orb Shop" > "Use Special Items".

    ▽How to Reset all the Skill Trees

    You can reset all the Skill Trees by using "Book of Oblivion" or "Orb x30".

    "Book of Oblivion" is a Special Item to delete all the Skill Trees and regain the Skill Points distributed to the Skill Trees.
    You can use "Book of Oblivion" from "Menu" > "Character" > "Skills" >"Reset Skill Trees" > "Book of Oblivion".
    You can also use this item from "Menu" > "Orb Shop" > "Use Special Items" > "Book of Oblivion" > "Use Item".
  • ▼About Character Hairstyle
  • Looks like the hairstyle is not reflected on the character.
  • Some equipment may automatically change the character's hairstyle.
  • ▼Character Got Stuck
  • My character got stuck on a map.
  • If your character has got stuck in a map, tap Menu > Logout > Return Button.
    Then, you can go back to "Save Point".
    If you cannot use "Return Button", please contact us from our official website with the following information.

    - In Game Name:
    - Map:
  • ▼Maximum Amount of Spinas
  • How many Spinas can I carry?
  • Currently, you can carry up to "2,100,000,000S".
    Please note that the Spinas that exceeded "2,100,000,000S" will disappear.
  • ▼Non-Active Accounts
  • I haven't played Toram Online for a long time. Can I use my account?
  • If there is no activity such as payment for information charges, content purchases, or not logging in to the game in your Account for 180 days or more, we may delete the character data and account information.

    We will announce when we delete the non-active accounts that apply the above conditions.
  • ▼About Character name
  • Can I change my character name?
  • You can change your character name from Menu > Settings > Character Name Change.
    Orb x10 is required to change the name.
    Once you change the name, Orb x100 will be required for 30 days to change again.


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