Transfer Game Data

  • ▼Transferring Game Data
  • How can I transfer the data to my new device?
  • You can continue playing the game with the same game data you are using with the following steps.

    *Submit ASOBIMO Account on your old device:
    1. Log in Toram Online on the old device.
    2. Tap Menu > Settings > Account Settings > Submit.
    3. Input your e-mail address and password, and tap [Submit].
    4. Tap the link in the confirmation e-mail to complete the submission.

    *If you have not created a character on your new device:
    Select [Transfer the data and play!] and tap [Login].

    *If you have already created a character on your new device:
    Tap Menu > Settings > Account Settings and log in ASOBIMO Account after completing the tutorial.
  • ▼Data in Beta Test
  • Was the game data in Beta Test transferred?
  • Yes. The game data including character data in Beta Test has been transferred to the official service.
  • ▼Account Authentication with "Google ID"
  • Is account authentication using "Google ID" available?
  • Account Authentication with "Google ID" for Android devices was abandoned in December, 2017.
    Please use ASOBIMO Account to transfer character data.


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