Transfer Game Data

  • ▼Transferring Game Data
  • How can I transfer the data to my new device?
  • You can continue playing the game with the same game data you are using with the following steps.

    Submit ASOBIMO Account on your old device.
    1. Log in Toram Online on the old device.
    2. Tap Menu > Settings > Account Settings > Submit.
    3. Input your e-mail address and password, and tap "Submit".
    4. Tap the link in the confirmation e-mail to complete the submission.

    If you have not created a character on your new device...
    Select "Transfer the data and play!"and tap "Login".

    If you have already created a character on your new device...
    Tap Menu > Settings > Account Settings and log in ASOBIMO Account after completing the tutorial.
  • ▼Data in Beta Test
  • Was the game data in Beta Test transferred?
  • Yes. The game data including character data in Beta Test has been transferred to the official service.
  • ▼Account Authentication with "Google ID"
  • Is account authentication using "Google ID" available?
  • Account Authentication with "Google ID" for Android devices was abandoned in December, 2017.
    Please use ASOBIMO Account to transfer character data.


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