Before Playing the Game

  • ▼System Requirements
  • What are the recommended requirements for Toram Online?
  • To play Toram Online, the following specifications are recommended.
    Please check the specifications before playing the game.

    The following recommended requirements are based on our verification.
    The recommended requirements don't guarantee that the app runs all the devices that meet the conditions.
    Please note that the requirements may be changed due to the application updates and the app development environments.

    ----- Recommended Requirements for Android -----
    OS: Android 4.3 or higher
    CPU: Quad-core or higher
    RAM: 2GB or more
    Internet Connection: Wi-Fi (ADSL10Mbps or more)

    ----- Recommended Requirements iOS -----
    OS: iOS 7.0 or higher
    CPU:Apple A7 or higher
    RAM:1GB or more
    Internet Connection: Wi-Fi (ADSL10Mbps or more)

    ----- Notes -----
    *We cannot guarantee that the app runs on the devices that are not supported by manufacturers or retailers even if they meet the recommended requirements.
    *We cannot guarantee that the app runs if you are using the apps that are not supported by manufacturers or retailers on your device.
    *We cannot guarantee that the app runs if you are using the apps that root your device.
    *We cannot guarantee that the app runs if you are using emulated environment.
    *We cannot guarantee that the app runs if it is not installed in the internal storage on your device.
    *Only Android devices with ARM processors are supported.
    *SAMSUNG Galaxy series are not supported due to the unfixable screen glitches that occur on these devices.
    *More amount of RAM stated in the recommended requirements can be needed depending on the resolution of your device.
  • ▼ASOBIMO Account
  • What is an ASOBIMO Account?
  • The ASOBIMO Account is the new function for logging in, distributed by ASOBIMO Inc.
    This account system will let you be able to login to your game data in other devices by submitting your e-mail address and password.
    Data recovery can be done by yourself when your device has been broken or lost. Due to the reason above, submitting is recommended.

    How to Submit
    Please tap Menu > Settings > Account Settings and register your ASOBIMO account.

    *The virtual currencies (Orbs) will need to be purchased separately if you are using the ASOBIMO Account within different platforms.
    *You cannot share the virtual currencies (Orbs) between different platforms even when logged into your ASOBIMO Account.
    *If you don't log in with your ASOBIMO account, you will log in with the character data linked to your device.
    *Please keep your ASOBIMO account ID and password safe.
    *Please manage your ASOBIMO account on your own responsibility. ASOBIMO is not liable for any damages or loss to you or any third party arising out of the inability to use the ASOBIMO account.
  • ▼Forgot Google account
  • I forgot the ID and password of my Google account...
  • We don't handle the management of Google account information such as ID and password.
    Please keep your Google account ID and password safe.
    We cannot answer any inquries concerning your Google account because we cannot confirm the customer information even if you send your character information to us.

    *If you have forgot your Google account ID or password, please contact Google Inc from the link below.

    Google Account Recovery
  • ▼Fees
  • How much does it cost to play Toram Online?
  • Toram Online is a Free-to-Play MMORPG and you can download the app for free.
    Please note that this does not include mobile fees that incur while accessing the server.

    Some services will require additional fees when using paid in-game services.
  • ▼Differences between Android and iOS
  • Are there any differences in the game between Android and iOS?
  • There are no differences in the game contents between Android and iOS.
    However, game controls and game screen may differ depending on the devices.
    Also, payment settlements will differ depending on OS and stores.
  • ▼Prohibited activities
  • Are there any prohibited activities in the game?
  • Toram Online is a game where you can enjoy adventures with others, but there are rules to go by for all players to enjoy themselves.
    By going against these rules, penalties will be applied.

    Rules for Toram Online are agreed to upon signing up, but to put it simply, we prohibit such things as verbal abuse, harassment, fraud, etc. that may cause discomfort to people.

    You can review details of our Penalty Policy by checking the Penalty Policy page.
    For everyone to enjoy playing Toram Online, please read through these policies carefully prior to play.
  • ▼Can I select "World"?
  • Can I select "World"?
  • "World" will be defined by the language settings of your device at the first login.
    We are afraid we cannot change "World" once you log in the game.


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