Confirmed Issues (9/23/2016)

Thank you for playing Toram Online.

We have confirmed issues on in-game systems, so please check the following details.

Bug Report

We will announce on our official website when the issues are fixed.

- [Challenge Dungeon] Unable to move or use skills after respawn under certain conditions.

- Additional Gear: "Fake Mustache" being available for Equipment Synthesis.
*The color information of "Fake Mustache" is the same as the character's hair color.
*"Fake Mustache" is undyable additional gear.
*"Fake Mustache" is supposed to be unavailable as a dye and material for Equipment Synthesis.
*Currently, "Fake Mustache" is selectable as a dye for Equipment Synthesis.
We deeply apologize for the inconvenienec and please refrain from synthesizing "Fake Mustache" until this issue is fixed.

- The gifts that was multiply received by changing the World cannot be received properly.
*You cannot receive the gifts that multiply received by changing the World correctly.
Also, you can fix the screen by restarting the app when the gifts you cannot get are still shown.

- [iOS] Some keyboard functions do not work correctly.

- Background musics stop under certain conditions.

- Malfunctions while controlling Menu on iOS devices.

- Player character is not shown in Equipment, Synthesize Equipment, Consignment, Trade and Orb Shop Screen on Android devices equipped with a specific CPU.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.