[EDIT]Form a Party Solo! Mercenary/Partner System Implemented!

Mercenary/Partner System enables you to form a party of up to 3 people using the character of another player (mercenary) and your sub-character!

MercenaryFriend's MercenaryGuild's MercenaryPartner
Hiring Conditionthe player's level is close to yoursRegistered friendJoins a guildOwns a sub-character
SpinasRequiredNot Required
Action TypeSet during Mercenary RegistrationSet during party formation
Action SettingsSet during Mercenary RegistrationSet at any time

★:Add a mercenary to your party!

★:Let's register as mercenary!

★:Let's invite your partner to a party!

★:Action Type & Action Settings

Add a mercenary to your party!

You can hire a mercenary registered by your friends, guild members or players who are close to your level.
Check the following about how to hire a mercenary.

Players who are close to your level

Tap [Menu > Community >Party > Hire mercenary with Spina].
You can hire a mercenary registered by the players who are close to your level.
The mercenary list will be updated at a fixed interval, however, you will need Spina to hire a mercenary.


Tap [Menu > Community > Friend > Friend Mercenaries].
You can hire any mercenary regardless of the difference of levels.
Also, you don't need to pay Spina for hiring friend's mercenary.

Guild Member

Tap [Menu > Community > Guild > Guild Mercenaries].
It's almost the same as friend mercenaries.

Exhaustion of Mercenaries

Mercenaries stats will decrease over time after they are added to a party.
A mercenary will recover from exhaustion by kicking the mercenary out from the party and when the player who registered the mercenary logs in.

The mercenaries hired with Spina will recover from exhaustion every time you hire even if the mercenary you hire is the same.

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Let's register as mercenary!

Tap [Menu > Community > Party > Mercenary Registration].
After selecting "Action Type", "Action Settings" and completing the registration, you can make your own sub-character a mercenary.

Once you register as a mercenary, other players can use the registered character as a mercenary.

*Once registered, you will be unable to cancel it.
*The registered mercenary can be changed by re-registering a mercenary.

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Let's invite your partner to a party!

The type of the partner can be selected when you add to a party.

Tap [Menu on the top left of the screen > Character > Switch Character].
Tap "Accompany" and after selecting "Action Type", the sub-character can be added to your party.
You can set your partner's "Action Settings" at any time.

The partner's name corresponds with the character's name.

*Partner will not be exhausted.

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Action Type & Action Settings

Action Type

During mercenary registration, your partner's "Action Type" can be determined when added to your party.

AttackerATK greatly increases.
Mercenaries' ATK will gradually decrease over time.
DefenderHP and DEF/MDEF greatly increase.
Mercenaries' DEF/MDEF will gradually decrease over time.

The stats of mercenaries and partner change depending on the type, so please select the type that fit character's build and equipment.

Action Settings

During mercenary registration, your partner's "Action Settings" can be determined at any time.

HitUsed once available.
ProtectUsed when the player in danger
SurviveUsed when the mercenary is in danger.
RescueUsed when the player's HP decreases.

*It relies on Auto-Item settings.
ProvokeUsed when the player receives aggro.

You will now be able to set up to 2 skills for mercenary and partner.
You are able to choose only 1 condition to generate the skill you set.

*Some skills cannot be registered.

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*You cannot switch to the character that is called as the partner.
*If you put the equipment that the partner is using to a storage, or discard it from the bag, the partner's appearance will change as follows.
To change back the appearance, the characters need to equip the items again. (Mercenaries are needed to be registered again.)

One-Handed SwordShortsword
Two-Handed SwordIron Blade
Magic DeviceMagi Klug
Body ArmorAdventurer's Garb
Additional GearEmpty

e.g.) If you put "Killer Coat" and "Folium Staff" equipped by the partner to storage, the partner's will equip "Adventurer's Garb" and "Rod".
However, there will be no changes in the stats of mercenaries and partner.

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