The Fervent Man is Back?! End-of-Year Event: "Road of Megiston"!

Thank you for playing Toram Online.

Megiston, the most passionate guy in Toram, is back!
The ultimate tournament to fight mighty bosses: "Road of Megiston" is now open.

He will be waiting for strong adventurers in the arena!

Event Overview

"Road of Megiston" is a 5-battle tournament held in the special map.
If you meet the requirements and prepare the participation fee, you can challenge any number of times during the event period.

You can get gorgeous rewards everytime you win a battle.
Win all the battles!

How to Challenge

After completing the Story Mission: "The Sacred Gem in Akaku", you can go to the event venue from the wormhole in El Scaro.
You can accpet the quest from Megiston at the arena.

Please note that the following items are required as the participation fee.

- Brutal Dragon Skin x1
- Boss Roga's Belt x1
- Cracked Face Stone x1


You can get the following rewards everytime you win a battle.
- Megiston Box (1 from Gold/Silver/Bronze)

What is Megiston Box?

Megiston Box is a reward for winning a battle and there are 3 types of Megiston Box: "Gold", "Silver", and Bronze.
You may win various items from the boxes including consumable items, and you have a chance to get Crystas from Silver and Gold ones.

As you win through the battles, you can get the boxes with higher grades!


From: After the maintenance on December 27th
Until: Before the maintenance on January 19th


*The participation fee will be paid after winning the first battle.
If you lose in the first battle, the fee will not be collected.
*If you fall from the battle field, you will go back to El Scaro and the challenge will fail.
*You cannot go back to the battle nor previous party member after falling from the battle field.