[Progress Announcement]Aim to Be World's No.1! Challenge Dungeon Score Competition!!

Score Attack Event will be held during the following period!
Compete the score in Challenge Dungeon with your rivals all over the world!

Get more scores, and if you achieve high rank, great gifts will be sent!
Also, we will send useful items for all the players who complete Challenge Dungeon at least once during the period.

If you haven't played Challenge Dungeon, now is the time to challenge!!

What is Challenge Dungeon?

Challenge Dungeon is a special dungeon to defend crystals from monsters.
You can earn a lot of EXP and get great items according to the result score.

For more details, please check the following link: "Information".

Special Rewards for Rankers

We will aggregate each player's highest scores obtained during the event period, and gift the following items according to the ranking!

1st Place

Orb x4
Ultimate Gem × 1

2nd Place

Orb x2
Legendary Gem x1

3rd Place

Orb x1
Super Rare Drop Gem x1

4th - 10th Place

Orb Shard x77
Rare Drop Gem x1

11th - 30th Place

Orb Shard x77

Also, we will gift the following items to all the players who complete Challenge Dungeon at least once during the event period!

Challenge Reward

Revive Droplet x1
Life Potion x1
Mana Potion x1
Avatar Ticket x1

Ranking (as of 1/12 at 11:59 PM(JST/GMT+9))

* Player names are listed without honorifics.
* The World inside 【 】 is the main world in which the team is mainly playing.
JA: Japanese World
EN: English World
INT: International World
TW: Taiwan World
KR: Korean World

1st : 721,115 PT【JA】
□イ / 黒こげ / akaiwolf / 加寿葉

2nd : 720,614 PT【JA】
atsu07 / 『キッド』 / よづき / Umi*

3rd : 718,113 PT【JA】
茉麻 / タルタニャン / サクヤs

4th : 716,858 PT【JA】
Würger / あすとらえあ* / ルクアス

5th : 715,755 PT【TW】
月瞳♪☆ / 幻夜吟夢 / 潔靜魂♪ / 白夜魂

6th : 714,608 PT【JA】
スメルジャコフ / なな☆ / sakumi / シャルキー

7th : 714,356 PT【INT】
Drakbrah / Hetero / -alyssa- / ☆Frelia

8th : 713,861 PT【JA】

9th : 712,852 PT【TW】

10th : 711,858 PT【INT】

Event Period (JST/GMT+9)

From: January 8th at 5:00 AM
Until: January 15th at 4:59 AM
Schedule of Item Distribution: Late in January, 2017


*If you "Retreat" during the challenge, the challenge reward will not be sent.
*If multiple players earn the same score, the reward will be sent to all of them.
*We will announce the progress of this event on our official website.