[EDIT:2/23 6:20 PM]Blade&Dual Sword Skills Revamped! Major Update with Story, Maps and Skills!!

More Powerful and Useful! Great Adjustment on Blade and Dual Sword Skills!!

The effects of 5 Blade Skills and the damage dealt of Dual Sword Skills have been adjusted.
Both of them have been adjusted upward and become more useful during combat.
Check them out!

Learn the skills and slash enemies as if you were dancing!

Adjustment Details

Blade Skills

- Sonic Blade (Lv1 Skill)
The damage dealt has increased.
Also, the skill will change to "Super Sonic Blade" by using "Sonic Blade" again within 5 seconds increasing its damage dealt and attack range.

- Trigger Slash (Lv2 Skill)
The bonus damage will increase if you are equipping a Two-Handed Sword.

- Spiral Air (Lv2 Skill)
The damage dealt has been adjusted upward.
"Flinch" effect has been removed, however, a buff to increase critical damage dealt will be activated for a while when the skill hit an enemy.
The critical damage will increase more with a One Handed Sword.

[EDIT:2/23 6:20 PM]
"Critical Hit" will not occur.
We may adjust the skill to maintain the game balance.

- Rampage (Lv3 Skill)
The skills has changed from attack skill to buff skill.
The certain number of normal attacks will become "Consecutive Attacks" for 10 minutes after the skill is activated.
Also, the damage dealt and MP recovery with attacks will increase.
After the certain number of attacks, a strong blow will be activated and the effect will finish.
The skill effect will end immediately if you take a status ailment.

- War Cry (Lv3 Skill)
There will be no waiting time for activating this skill.

Dual Sword Skills

The damage calculation of Dual Sword Skills has been adjusted upward.

A New Encounter at the Dark Mirror! New Story Missions Released!

The titles of the new story missions are "Parching Dark Mirror" and "Battle in the Garden".
When you stop by "Dark Mirror" to have a rest, you witness something unusual occurring at the Dark Mirror.
You will meet a new character while resolving the problem.

Be Unique! 6 New Recipes Added at Blacksmiths'!

We have added 6 new recipes to blacksmiths at which you can create various useful equipment.
You can dress up your character with the stylish weapons and armor, new additional gear: "Dark Hood" and "Gothic Hat".
Collect the materials from monsters to create these equipment!

Please refer to the following for other maintenance contents.

Maintenance Details

- Lv Cap has been raised to 120.
- Lv3 Battle Skills and Guard Skills Lv2 have been released.
- New Maps: "Dark Mirror" and "Garden of Sublimation" have been added.
- New Recipes have been added.
- Valentine Event 2017 has ended.
- [Limited Time Only] The effect boost on Drop Rate Gems have ended.
- The gifts for watching YoutubeLive/NicoLive have been sent.
- Penalty Policy has been revised.
 Along with the revision, the applied penalty levels has changed according to the revised Penalty Policy after the maintenance.
- The following bugs have been fixed.
 - [Consignment] Unintended types of items were shown in Category Search.
 - The critical damage of Priest Skill: "Holy Fist" was shown as normal damage.