Maintenance Completed (10/8/2015)

Thank you for playing Toram Online.

The maintenance that started on October 8th at 2:00 pm ended on the same day at 4:20 pm (JST).

Update Details

- Rare Monster: "Arcoiris" appears in Yorl Highlands.
- New Map: "Haotas Ravine" has been released.
- A New Skill: "Synthesize Equipment" was implemented.
- New Recipe has been added.
- Improved the compatibility for Intel Atom processors.
- Added "Reset Book" and "Extraction Crysta" in Orb Shop.

Chance to Advertise Your Guild!

Guild Masters! Send your guild information to Toram Online Customer Support!
We will pick up some advertisements at random and GM will introduce the selected guilds!
Also, we will post your guild information on our official Facebook Page! (
Don't miss this chance to recruit new members!

How to Send Guild Information

1. Tap Menu > Orb Shop > Contact Us > Others.
2. Send the text with the following information.
Please send your guild information to us by Ocotber 9th at 1:00 pm (JST).

- Guild Name

- Guild Information
e.g.) Recruiting any players! Let's fully enjoy Toram Online with us!

- "Date and Time", "Place", "World" and "Channel" to meet players who want to join your guild.
e.g.) October 10th at 11:00 pm (PDT), English (EN) World 1, Channel 1, Crow Scarer in Sofya City

- Active Time and Time Zone
e.g.) 8:00 pm - 12:00 am (PDT) / 24 hours (PDT)

Don't miss this chance to grow up your guild!

Event Details

English (EN) World 1
Sofya City

October 9th
First: From 1:30 pm (JST)
Second: From 9:00 pm (JST)

October 16th
Third: From 1:30 pm (JST)
Fourth: From 9:00 pm (JST)

*We will do our best to introduce all the guild information sent to us, however, we may not be able to introduce all due to the shortage of time.
*Only the guild information from "Guild Masters" will be approved.
*We cannot introduce the guild information if Guild Name and Guild Master do not match.
*If we confirm the activities to interrupt the event, we may apply penalties to the interrupting players.
*Event contents are subject to change.
*We are unable to compensate any damage caused during the event.