[EDIT:3/22 7:00 PM]Adventure with Your Beloved Pets! Pet System Released!!

What is a Pet System?

The system allows you to call a pet as a party member.
By raising pets, they can learn various skills and become your reliable partner.

Let's Get Pets!

There are several ways to get pets:

・Capture monsters in the fields
・Feed the stray monsters that visit your land and raise Affinity. (Only when you have the land.)
・Trade the pet cages with pets or buy the pet cages with pets via Consignment.

Please note that you are required to buy the land for Housing System to raise pets.
Please refer to "here" for more details of Housing System.

How to Capture Pets

To capture monsters, you need to have empty Consumable Item: "Pet Cage"(*1), and learn Tamer Skill: "Taming"(*2).
By using "Taming" on the monsters that can be captured while meeting the conditions above, the time limit will be displayed.
Capture will be completed when the green bar reaches to max within the time limit.
If the green bar didn't reach to max within the time limit, the capture fails and you may lose a Pet Cage.

*1 You can buy "Pet Cage" at general stores in cities.
*2 You can learn Tamer Skills at the library in Sofya City by paying Spina.
Lv1 Tamer Skills are available from Lv30, Lv2 Tamer Skills from Lv90.

Tips: How to Capture More Easily

You can capture monsters more easily by weakening them before starting capture.
Try attacking the monsters and inflict status ailments.

Tips: Captured Monsters Are Tradable!

The captured monsters are tradable with other players or via Consignment before releasing them on your land.
If you're having a hard time capturing monsters with the nature or type you like, you might want to get them by trading!

About Pet Stats

Pets have stats such as STR and INT just the same as adventurers.
Stats automatically grow according to their "Potential" as they level up, and you can distribute stat points obtained by leveling up.

Also, stat points can be distributed up to 255 to each stat.
However, if a pet stats reach 255 before it reaches max level, the stats can be more than 255 by leveling up.

You cannot distribute stat points to the stats that have reached 255.

*Pet stats may not grow up to the same as the potential depending on the maximum level and stat distribution.

Tips: Nature and Behaviors

Combat styles of pets differ depending on their weapons.
Therefore, some pets are good at ranged attack and some are good at closed combat.
Some pets don't like to attack and just try to back you up.

Let's Raise Pets!

You can raise pets at your land, grow their stats and make them learn skills.
"Discipline" increases as you discipline pets with each training menu.
If a pet's "Discipline" reaches 100%, you can go on an adventure with the pet.
Please refer to the following for training menus.

Potential Training

Pets' potential (tendency in stats growth) can be raised with training.
The raised values depend on the contents of training and its success or failure.

Skill Training

This is a training for learning skills for combat.
A pet can learn up to 3 skills with skill training.
The first skill has to be selected from the available skills.
After the first skill, the pet will learn the skills adjacent to the first skill at random including their level from 1 to 5.
A pet can earn "Skill EXP" by defeating monsters and using skills to level up its skills.

*The max level of a skill is 10.

Tips: Pets Get Tired!

Learning skills and discipline make a pets Stamina decrease.
Please note that you cannot raise a pet if its Stamina decreases to the lowest.
Stamina will be restored over time or by using Life Potion.

Let's Make Stray Monsters Your Pets!

Sometimes, stray pets visit your land.
If their Affinity increases to certain amount by feeding them, you can raise them as your pets.
Some monsters might become your pets only at your land when they are stray monsters...

Adventure with a Pet!

If a pet's "Discipline" reaches 100%, you can add it to your party.
Tap Menu > Community > Party > Call a Pet.

[EDIT:3/22 7:00 PM]Note

*Pets can earn EXP from monsters that they attacked.
If your pet didn't attack during combat, your pet cannot earn EXP.
*Pets with certain natures such as Timid and Calm can earn EXP without attacking under certain conditions.
*Pets can learn "Skills" only from "Skill Practice" in Discipline menu.
*Discipline menu such as Stats Training and Skill Practice will become unavailable when a pet's Discipline reaches 100%.
*A pet cannot earn EXP from a monster if the pet is defeated when the master defeats the monster.

*Pet Slots increase according to the area of your land.
The current maximum number of Pet Slots is "5", however, the limit will be extended with the release of the limit in expansion of the land in future update.

*The monsters that you can have as pets will be added in future update.