Maintenance Completed (2/25/2016)

Thank you for playing Toram Online.

The maintenance that started on February 25th at 2:00 PM (JST/GMT+9) ended on the same day at 5:00 PM (JST/GMT+9).

Maintenance Details

- Lv Cap has been raised to 85.
- New Maps: "Figo's Manor" and "Land Under Cultivation" have been released.
- New Mission: "The Culprit" has been released.
- New Recipes have been added.
- App version update on Android devices.

Orb Shop Information

- New Item -

- Virgo's Book III: Increases Drop Rate from monsters by 200% for 1 hour.

- Sale Period -
From: After the maintenance on February 25th
Until: February 29th at 3:00 PM (JST/GMT+9)