Confirmed Issues

Thank you for playing Toram Online.

We have confirmed issues regarding in-game systems, so please check the following details.

When the issues are fixed, we will announce it on our official website.

Bug Report

・Gem Case "Zero Stance" activates even when it's the combo opener.

・Wearing the top of "Royal" costume (for male) causes the character to have a strange pose when doing a certain movement.

・Abnormal placement condition of "Carpet D".

・Due to the buff from One-Handed Sword, MATK is increased to its maximum value under any circumstances when using the skill "Enchanted Burst".

・Under certain conditions, parts break is not working properly.

・Under certain conditions, the app crashes when the player enters Sofya City. (Windows version)

*The issue may be alleviated by moving to PC-Environment world from Terminal > Switch Channel > World > PC-Environment.

・Mercenary/Partner skill cooldown is not working properly.

・Under certain conditions, players keep receiving chats with the exact same content.

・Occasionally, the animation of the story mission "Journey for Reconstruction" does not play properly.

・A bug where Pom Music cannot be played properly

・Occasionally after the effect of the Minstrel Skill "Life Song" ends, the HP is not shown as originally designed

・After creating the first piece of furniture that you can only create 1 such as "Xmas Tree" and "Mini Mt. Fuji", a warning message saying that the required materials decrease is being shown when you create it for the second time onward.

・The status ailments received by the mercenary, partner, pet, or NPC that joins a battle continue to remain even after they got knocked out.

・Under certain conditions, pet's stamina in a party is not shown properly.

*It is only a display error. Nothing goes wrong with the stamina.

・A bug where more than 2 monsters, such as Colon Commander and Miracle Potum that are supposed to only spawn one at a time on a map, appear at the same time even when a party has not been formed.

・A bug where unusual monsters' moves are seen under certain conditions.

・Character names not appearing correctly under certain conditions.

・Certain skills unintentionally wake sleeping monsters up when used on them.

・NPC that joins a battle doesn't move correctly in battle or when knocked out.

・NPCs in a party do not move correctly under certain conditions.

・When using Mononofu Skill: Shukuchi, the player character don't approach the target and the buff effect remains under certain conditions.

・Chat functions not working correctly under certain conditions.

・Motion that occurs when status ailments are inflicted is not activated under certain conditions.

・Abnormal damage occurs to boss monsters while they are in shell mode.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.