[EDIT:5/27 12:00 PM]How to Use Avatar Ticket

We have sent Avatar Ticket to certain players as a reward of "Guild Maze Event! Reach 1000th Floor!".
You can check the number of the Avatar Tickets from Menu > Orb Shop > top of the screen.

When you purchase Avatar Chest, a button to use Avatar Ticket will show up.


[EDIT:5/27 12:00 PM]
*The lineup is the same even if you use Avatar Tickets instead of Orbs.
Therefore, you may get items other than Avatar Items by opening Avatar Chests with Avatar Tickets.

* You can open Avatar Chest one time per Avatar Ticket.
* Even if you have 11 Avatar Tickets, you cannot use "11 time(s)" button.
* An Avatar Ticket will be used by opening Avatar Chest one time if Open One Time for "Orb x1" or "Orb x5" Campaign is applied.
* Avatar Ticket is available only on the device to which it was sent.
Even if you log in on another device with different platform using ASOBIMO Account, the tickets will not be shared.