About sales price change

Thank you for playing Toram Online.

Regarding Paid Orbs Price Changes

Apple Inc. announced to developers that it will raise App Store prices in Japan in the near future (10/6/2022 onwards).

In order to correspond with the changes of App Store pricing tiers, we will change the prices and number of Paid Orbs given from a purchase as follows.
(Apart from iOS, the changes will be applied to the game on Android, Steam, and other platforms as well.)

Please kindly understand that the revision is made as the prices and number of orbs in Toram Online are based on those in Japan.

The change will be applied from:

October 6th, 2022 at 2:00AM (JST/GMT+9).

Time & Date of Revision

For more details, please confirm the following.

Number of Paid Orbs (Before)Number of Paid Orbs (After)

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* The prices shown in the game may temporarily differ from those shown on each application store when the price change goes into effect. The prices shown on each store (purchase screen) are the correct prices, so please make sure to check them before making your purchase.
* The price change on iOS is managed by Apple Inc., so it may take place earlier or later than expected.
* The time for the new prices to appear may vary depending on the platform you are playing on.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you.

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