About the Recent Penalties Applied

Thank you for your continued support for Torum Online.

Regarding our penalties applied recently,

we have confirmed that 452 players have used cheat tools and their accounts including the relevant ones have been suspended.

Also, regarding the the issue that allowed the Attack Speed to reach the detection threshold by using Skill: "Auto Device" and Skill: "Kunai Throw", we have looked into 150 accounts and confirmed that login suspension was applied to 1 account due to this issue.
The suspension has been lifeted and compensation has been sent to the corresponding account.

*The rest of the 149 accounts' values exceeded certain number of times of the threshold, so the penalties were applied to them according to our Penalty Policy.

Abnormal values are still being detected during the current collaboration event, and we are taking time to collect information to apply penalties.

About Penalties

We have received a lot of inquires that ask if the following actions lead to penalties.

・Being in the Guild Room.
・Not logging in for a few days.
・Participating in the collaboration event.
・Transferring Spinas from another account.

As a general rule, as long as you don't violate our Terms of Use, no penalty will be applied due to the above actions.

When applying penalties, we conduct investigations prior to it.
Therefore, penalties may be applied after a while when you are playing the game normally.
We do not disclose the details of our investigations as revealing the methods may lead to finding loopholes.

The most recent cases subject to penalties include the following:

Case 1
Reverse-engineering or modifying Toram Online app.

Case 2
Using cheat tools to alter the memory of Toram Online.

Case 3
Using jailbreak devices or rooted devices.

Case 4
Receiving refunds from the app stores after Orbs were applied to the account.
※If a penalty is applied due to this action, ID"B-****-****" dialogue may show up.

We are investigating inappropriate gameplay so that all the players can enjoy Toram Online safely.
Please DO NOT use inappropriate programs and tools.
They will ruin the game and cause troubles to all the players.
If you use them, your account will be subject to strict penalty such as suspension of your account.

Toram Online Terms of Use

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Toram Online Penalty Policy

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