It's June and It's Time for the June Bride Event!

It's June and It's Time for the June Bride Event!

The "June Bride" event allows you to join forces and trade with your close friends or guild members, thus improving interaction and helping you to build and develop your character.

June Bride Event Period

From: 06/08/2023 after the maintenance
Until: 06/29/2023 before maintenance

★:What's June Bride Event?

★:Let's Trade "Marriage Gift (Empty)" and "Toss Bouquet"!

★:Let's redecorate Your Land!

What's June Bride Event?

Players will be granted the event bonus below if there are 2 or more characters in the party regardless of gender.

Form a party to earn more EXP!

"EXP Gain +20%" bonus buff.

*The bonus from this campaign is not applicable to pets.
*The boost effect from this event will be stacked with the effect from Orb items and 30-Day Tickets.

Get Limited Treasure Box!

Furthermore, depending on the gender of the player's character, the player can get June Bride Event-limited Treasure Box when the boss is defeated.

A male/neutral A character will get the "Groom Box" and a female/neutral B character will get the "Bride Box".
The contents of the treasure boxes for male characters and those for female characters are different and various items can be obtained randomly.

Of all the items you can get, the "June Bride Limited Equipment" has the perfect design that is suitable for the groom and the bride for their wedding.

Check out "this news" for more details about the Party Feature!

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Let's Trade "Marriage Gift (Empty)" and "Toss Bouquet"!

Marriage Gift

If you trade "Marriage Gift (Empty)" or "Toss Bouquet" with another adventurer or receive it as a gift during the June Bride Event, the item will become untradable and the "Selling Price" as well as the "Material Points" will greatly increase.

Why don't you take this opportunity and try trading them with your friends or guild members?

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Let's redecorate Your Land!

Example of Craftable Furniture

Items for Your Land that can be created with materials obtained from June Bride Event are available!

Why don't you take this chance to change your Land's design?

Please refer to "this news" for the details about "Your Land".

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*Mercenaries, partners and pets are not counted as party members.
*Please note that "Groom Box" and "Bride Box" cannot be obtained from certain boss monsters.
*Only male characters can get the "Groom Box" and only female characters can get the "Bride Box".
*The "Groom Box" and the "Bride Box" will be removed through the maintenance held on 07/06/2023.
*The increased "Selling Price" and "Material Points" as well as the creator name of "Marriage Gift (Empty)" and "Toss Bouquet" will be attached only if they are traded with another player or sent as a gift.
"Marriage Gift (Empty)" and "Toss Bouquet" will remain the same even if they are sold on the Consignment Board.
*The event period and rewards are subject to change.
*Limited-time events or promotions may be held again in the future on different conditions after they have ended.

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