[EDIT]Enjoy the Slow Life! Housing System Implemented!

Finally, you can build your own houses and enjoy life with your pets in the world of Toram Online!

Arrange furniture, decorations, roofs, walls and more to create your original land!

★:What is Housing System?

★:Let's Buy the Land!

└●Switch Land

★:Let's Set the Address of Your Land!


★:How to Cook

★:Have a Relaxing Time with Pets!

★:Let's Enjoy the "Fishing" Mini Game!

What is Housing System?

You can build houses, plant trees and flowers at your garden on a private land with this system.
Your friends and guild members can gather around the land, and you can play with pets.

Let's Go to Your Land!

You can go to Your Land from "Go to Your Land" shown in the Terminal menu when your level is 30 or more.

Let's Visit Another Player's Land!

You can go to other adventurers' lands by sorting with "Newest"!
Of course, you can visit your friends and guild members' lands.
Why not arrange your rooms based on other players' rooms and interior designs at first?

Use the "Your Land's address" feature described below to move the land you want.

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Let's Buy the Land!

You need to buy "5x5 squares" land for 10,000 Spinas to use Housing System.

The land can be expanded by using Spinas.
If you want wider land, please try it.

Your Original Layout!

You can create furniture by consuming material points.
You can put doors and windows anywhere you want to put.

*You can place up to 100 items on your land.
You can increase the number of placeable items to more than 100 from [Menu > Switch Menu > Settings > Graphics > [Housing] Release the Limit Number to Put], however, please note that doing so may cause the app to have a slow loading or stop running properly on certain devices.

Switch Land

The "Switch Land" feature allows you to switch land and save up to 3 different land setups.
The "Switch Land" feature is available if there is an active 30-Day Ticket.

From Your Land, go to [Number > Switch Land].

*You cannot use the "Switch Land" feature if there is not any active 30-Day Ticket.
*Your Land's memo is not visible to other players.
*The dish from the furniture set on the land you are residing in will be shown in Your Land's list.
*The background of Your Land will not be saved.

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Let's Set the Address of Your Land!

With this system, you get to assign the address of your own land and other players can visit it by entering the address.
After purchasing the land for Your Land and expanding it to 40 squares, you will be able to set your address from [Menu > House Management > Toram Address].

Let's Set Your Address!

Your Land's address is comprised of 3 sections, namely Region, Ward, and Number.
Feel free to choose any combination of the 3 sections above to your liking when registering your address.

Below are the details about each section.

1. Region
RegionCondition to Unlock
SofyaSelectable from the beginning
RugioSelectable from the beginning
El ScaroSelectable from the beginning
EinklangCleared Chapter 6
"Mystery of the Black Knights"
LyarkCleared Chapter 7
"Chaotic Truth"
Nov SatericaCleared Chapter 8
"At Mountains' End"
Erva TroncCleared Chapter 11
"The Weredragons & the Underground World"

*The choice of region will be added in the future as the story progresses.
*The region that can be selected is based on the character with the most story mission progress on your account.
*Regions other than the above may be selectable during special events.

2. Ward
You may choose any alphabet from A to Z.

3. Number
You may choose any number from 0 to 9999.

*Change Your Land to public mode to set your address.
*The address with the combination of Region+Ward+Number that is exactly the same as an existing address cannot be registered again.

What's Easy Register?

It's a feature to automatically create an address that is available on the selected map.
Make use of this feature to save the hassle of thinking about an address.

Deleting Your Address

Delete your address so that other players cannot search for Your Land.
To delete your current address, go to [Menu > House Management > Toram Address > Delete Address].

*After you have deleted your address, you need to wait for 72 hours before you can register a new address.
*You can register a new address without waiting if you have an active 30-Day Ticket.

Let's Get Your Friend's Address and Visit Their Land!

You can visit other player's land by searching their address.
Enter the address or the Simple Code to move to the land you would like to visit.

Tap [Terminal > Go to Your Land/Leave Land > Visit Another Player's Land > Search] and you will be taken to the address or Simple Code input page.

*Please note that you will be unable to select "Set Off" if the same address is entered consecutively.

Let's Make Use of Simple Code!

Register your address to get the Simple Code and you can share this convenient code with your friends.
You can also move to the land you would like to visit by entering the Simple Code, so make use of it!

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You will be able to grow plants at the "Garden" on Your Land.
You can go to the garden by "Edit/Check Garden" of "Manage Garden".


Please refer to the following for the details.
The Medicine Points needed to plant changes every Friday at 12:00 AM (JST/GMT+9).

FieldYou can earn Ingredient Points.
It takes time to harvest but you can earn a lot of Ingredient Points at one time.
TreeYou can earn Ingredient Points.
You can earn Ingredient Points faster than "Field", but the points are less than "Field".You don't need to water it.
FlowerYou can earn "Flower Nectar".
The space needed for it is the smallest.

How to Use the Garden

Let's try planting at the garden!

1. Change the mode to "Edit Mode".

2. Tap "Edit/Check Garden" in "Manage Garden".

3. Select the crop to plant.

4. Use Medicine Points to decide the quality of the crops.
The higher the quality, the more points and items you can get.

5. Decide the space to plant.

How to Manage Crops

After planting, you need to water plants except for trees until harvest.
If the crops grow while lacking water, the points and items you can get will decrease.
Be sure to check the condition of plants after planting!

How to Harvest

You can earn Ingredient Points and Flower Nectar from the crops that have grown enough.
The growth of the collected crops will return to 0% and you will be able to grow them again.

Also, quality gets lower every time you harvest and the amount of points and items decreases.
So, we recommend that you change the crops sometimes to earn the points and Flower Nectar more efficiently.

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How to Cook

Ingredient Points earned from the garden can be used when you put "Kitchen Stove", "Gas Kitchen Stove", or "Electric Stove" on Your Land.
Please try the following steps to cook.

1. Put the furniture for cooking on Your Land.

2. Change the mode to View Mode.

3. Stand in front of the furniture and tap the icon.

4. Tap "Cook" on the recipe list.

5. Cooking is done when the bar is filled up.

Also, you can check the duration of buff effects granted from cooking by tapping the icon on the furniture.

Cooking Effects and Levels

When you cook by yourself, you can earn buff effects for a while depending on the food you have cooked.
Also, you can earn EXP from certain foods by eating them.
After earning certain amount of EXP, food levels increase and the buff effects get stronger.

The maximum level of one recipe is "10".

Precooked Dish

If you own a "Refrigerator", you will be able to make 1 more dish aside from the dish you cook in the kitchen.
You can only keep 1 precooked dish and while having it, you will require fewer Ingredient Pts to make the same dish. You can also get the cooking effect by taking a bite of it.
Precooked dish lasts for 72 hours.

*Precooked Dish System is unavailable with Display Refrigerator.

Cooking in Advance

Please note that you will not get EXP and twice the usual number of Ingredient Pts will be required to cook in advance.

*Precooked dish cannot be made randomly.
*Despite the remaining time, you can make a new precooked dish, however, you will use Ingredient Pts each time you do so.

Cooking with Precooked Dish

You will use 50% fewer Ingredient Pts when cooking with precooked dish.
Please make use of this system when you want to level up a certain dish.

Take a Bite

If another adventurer is cooking foods, you can take a bite!
When you take a bite, you can get the same buff effects according to the level of the food you can make.
Visit other adventurers' land and take a bite!

Even if you don't have your own land yet, you can visit other adventurers' land to take a bite.

Taking a Bite of the Precooked Dish

・If you take a bite of the precooked dish you make:

When you take a bite of the precooked dish, you will get a cooking effect without using Ingredient Pts.

*The effect from taking a bite of the precooked dish will replace the effect you get from the cooking you make.
*If you take a bite of other player's dish with the same effect, then the effect will not be replaced. The remaining duration of the effect will be that of the original dish.

Example: If you make Okaka Riceball (STR+) when you have a precooked Takoyaki (Critical Rate+), you will get a 12-hour STR+ effect. However, if you take a bite of the precooked Takoyaki, then the effect will be replaced with a 12-hour Critical Rate+ effect.
Example: If you take a bite of the Okaka Riceball on the countertop when there are only 3 hours left until the effect disappears, the effect will be replaced with a 3-hour STR+ effect.

・If you take a bite of the precooked dish someone else makes:

You can take a bite of the dish, however, no effect replacement will take place.

*If both you and the player whose precooked dish you take a bite of are not cooking, then the effect duration will be the same as the remaining duration of the precooked dish.
Please note that the maximum effect duration will still be 12 hours even when the remaining duration of the precooked dish is more than that.

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Have a Relaxing Time with Pets!

You can raise pets after releasing them from cages or feeding stray monsters to raise Affinity.
By raising pets, they can learn various skills and become your reliable partner.

Please refer to "this news" for the details about "Pet System".

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Let's Enjoy the "Fishing" Mini Game!

Once you have created the furniture "Fishing Workbench", you will be able to play the mini game. You will see the option "Fishing Gear" in the Character menu and "Start Fishing" will be added to shortcuts.

Make sure to play the "Fishing" mini game as you can catch various kinds of fish and get exclusive items!

Please see "this news" for details about the "Fishing" mini game!

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*You cannot go to your land from certain maps such as boss battle fields.
*Your Land's background changes according to the season.

*You can have up to 4 types of buff effects from foods.
Please note that you cannot eat or cook the foods that have the same buff effect that you already have.
*You can only cook one food at a time no matter how many cooking furniture items you put on Your Land.
*The duration of the buff effects is always 12 hours after cooking is done.
*If you cook foods while you have effects granted by taking a bite, the buff effects from taking a bite will be removed.
However, you can gain the buff effects again by taking a bite of the same food.

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