Asobimo Account

  • ▼How to Submit ASOBIMO Account
  • I don't have any e-mails sent to my submitted address.
  • If you haven't received the confirmation e-mail, please check the followings.

    The inputted e-mail address may not be correct.
    Input your e-mail address again and check if you can submit.

    You may have limited your receiving settings.
    Re-submit after you have checked your mail settings accepting from the domain "register.asobimo.com"

    The mail server you are using may not have accepted the confirmation e-mail.
    Contact the e-mail service provider if you can accept the e-mail from the domain "register.asobimo.com".
  • ▼Forgot Password for ASOBIMO Account
  • I forgot the password for ASOBIMO Account.
  • You can re-issue your password by the following steps.

    How to Re-issue Password
    1. Log in the game.
    2. Tap Menu > Settings > Account Settings.
    3. Tap Login > Change Submit Content > Re-issue Password.
    4. Input the submitted e-mail address and tap "Send".
    5. Open the link in the e-mail submitted to the address.
    6. Set the new password.
  • ▼About Orb
  • Can I share the Orbs on multiple devices with different OS?
  • Purchased Orbs are available only on the devices with the same OS.
    Please note that you cannot share Orbs on the devices with different OS.
  • ▼Using Multiple Devices
  • What will happen if I use the same charater on multiple devices?
  • The character data will be syncronized and the latest game data will be preserved.
  • ▼About 30-Day Tickets
  • Can I share the 30-Day Tickets on different platforms?
  • 30-Day Tickets can be shared only on the same platforms that you purchased.
    You cannot share the ticket effects on different platforms.


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