[Result Announcement][ 50,856 Bosses Defeated]Challenge the Boss in High Difficulty Mode! The 2nd Ultimate Week!!

Thank you for playing Toram Online.

We would like to announce the 2nd "Ultimate Week"!
Cooperate with other players in all the Worlds and reach the goals!

Event Details

"Ultimate Week" is an event to defeat a specified boss monster in a certain difficulty mode.
If the number of times that the boss monster defeated in all the Worlds reaches the goals, you can get special rewards!

Boss Monster


Boss Roga



About Boss Roga

Boss Roga awaits you in "Saham Underground Cave: Deepest Part" where you can go from Saham Crater.
Please note that you are required to complete Story Mission: "The Star Wizard" to challenge Boss Roga.


As the number of defeats increase, the rewards become more gorgeous!
If the number of defeats reaches 10,000 or more, the previous reward will also be gifted!
Let's defeat 100,000 bosses!
(For example, if you defeat 10,000 or more, "Revive Droplet x10", "Libera's Book II x2" and "Virgo's Book x2" will be gifted.)

World Rewards

We will gift the following rewards according to the number of "Boss Roga" in "Ultimate Mode" defeated in all the Worlds during the event period.

Defeats: 5,000 or more
Revive Droplet x10
Ignores the resurrection time.

Defeats: 10,000 or more
Libera's Book II x2
Increases EXP Gain from monsters by 200% for 1 hour.

Virgo's Book II x2
Increases Drop Rate from monsters by 100% for 1 hour.

Defeats: 30,000 or more
Orb x1

Defeats: 50,000 or more
Orb x1

Defeats: 70,000 or more
Orb x1

Defeats: 100,000 or more
Orb x1
Avatar Ticket x2

Personal Reward

Defeats: 1 or more
Revive Droplet x1
Ignores the resurrection time.

Defeats: 10 or more
Virgo's Book x1
Increases Drop Rate from monsters by 50% for 1 hour.

Defeats: 30 or more
Avatar Ticket x1
You can open an Avatar Chest one time only.

For the aggregation of defeats, please refer to the following notes.

Event Period

From: September 26th at 3:00 PM (JST/GMT+9)
Until: October 3rd at 11:59 PM (JST/GMT+9)
The gifts are planned to be sent middle in October.


*Aggregation of Defeats Applied to "World Rewards":
A defeat will be calculated as "The number of party members x 1" per boss battle.
e.g.) If you defeat a boss in a party with 4 members, 4 defeats will be added.
If you defeat a boss alone, 1 defeat will be added.

*Aggregation of Defeats Applied to "Personal Reward":
1 defeat will be added everytime you defeat a boss regardless of the number of the party members.

*Please note that you cannot challenge the boss if the party leader is Lv98 or less.
*To receive World Rewards, you need to defeat at least 1 Boss Roga in Ultimate mode.
*We will announce and update the number of Boss Rogas defeated during the event period.
*The rewards will be sent to "Mailbox".
*The event period and rewards are subject to change.