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Please check news and FAQs on our official website before sending inquiries.
When sending inquiries, you are agreeing with the following contents.

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Change Device from Android to Android

Transferring Game Data

Customer Support Guidelines

1. Customer Support replies will be made only in English.

2. If you can log in the game, please contact us via the contact form in the app.
If you cannot log in the game, please use the contact form on our official website.

3. We cannot answer questions regarding gameplay strategy.
We may not be able to answer all questions, whether or not the question is related to gameplay strategy.

4. Response may take time depending on the requested information.
We cannot fulfill requests or information for immediate response or any specified time frame.

5. In case E-Mail is undeliverable, or depending on the requested information, we may prefer other ways to contact user.

6. As a general rule, there will be no replies to inquiries regarding [Comment], [Bug Report], and [Abuse Report] except in cases where we need to reply individually.

7. If you send multiple questions in a mail, our reply may take time.
Please provide a single request per inquiry for best response.

8. The period of the log we can investigate is up to 1 year from the date of your inquiry.

9. Your inquiry may not be received properly if it contains emoji or modified texts.
Please do not use any device or platform dependent characters.

Customer Support Hours

Please note in advance.

Contact form is available 24/7, however Customer Support will not be available during weekends and holidays.
Operational hours are 11:00AM to 6:00PM Japan Time Zone.
Inquiries submitted during non-operating hours will be replied to the e-mail address written in the mail form from the next business day.

The flow of how the inquires will be handled

1. An automatic reply message will be sent to you just after you inquiry is sent to "Toram Online" support.
Please read the auto reply message.

2. After the auto reply message is sent, the Toram Online support team will reply.

3. According to the content sent, we may contact you again.

*If the auto reply message is not sent to you, the e-mail address entered in the mail form may be mistaken or the message cannot be received due to mail filters set up for spam.
Please contact us after you checked the entered e-mail address, and have checked the mail receiving settings(Accepting from the domain

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