Confirmed Issues (10/3/2016)

Thank you for playing Toram Online.

We have confirmed issues on in-game systems, so please check the following details.

Bug Report

We will announce on our official website when the issues are fixed.

- "Miss" nullified by Critical may become 0 damage with the following skills.

 ・Phantom Slash
 ・Shell Break
 ・Heavy Smash

- Background musics don't play correctly under certain conditions.

- [Challenge Dungeon] Unable to move or use skills after respawn under certain conditions.

- Additional Gear: "Fake Mustache" being available for Equipment Synthesis.
*The color information of "Fake Mustache" is the same as the character's hair color.
*"Fake Mustache" is undyable additional gear.
*"Fake Mustache" is supposed to be unavailable as a dye and material for Equipment Synthesis.
*Currently, "Fake Mustache" is selectable as a dye for Equipment Synthesis.
We deeply apologize for the inconvenienec and please refrain from synthesizing "Fake Mustache" until this issue is fixed.

- [iOS] Some keyboard functions do not work correctly.

- Malfunctions while controlling Menu on iOS devices.

- Player character is not shown in Equipment, Synthesize Equipment, Consignment, Trade and Orb Shop Screen on Android devices equipped with a specific CPU.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.