Year of the Rooster Event 2017: "Pojo Festival" Started!

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2017 is a year of the Rooster.
We would like to hold an event related to "Rooster" after the maintenance on January 12th.
Visit Avanclain Shrine and ward off the evil spirits!

Event Overview

A mysterious boss monster: "Grand Pojo" will appear at Avanclain Shrine for a limited period of time.
You may get unique items related to "Oshogatsu (New Year in Japanese)" and "Rooster".

Defeat the Pojo in All the Difficulties! Grand Week Started!!

If 2017 Grand Pojos are defeated in each difficulty in total during the event period, you can get special rewards!
Grand Week is held in all the Worlds at the same time, so invite other players to a party and challenge Grand Pojos!

・Easy Mode
Revive Droplet × 1
Ticket Piece × 10

・Normal Mode
Life Potion × 1
Ticket Piece × 20

・Hard Mode
Mana Potion × 1
Ticket Piece × 30

・Nightmare Mode
Libera's Book × 1
Ticket Piece × 40

・Ultimate Mode
Virgo's Book × 1
Ticket Piece × 50

Event Period

From: After the maintenance on January 12th
Until: Before the maintenance on January 19th
The rewards are scheduled to be sent early in February.


*You are required to defeat at least one Grand Pojo in each mode to receive the rewards for each mode.
e.g.) If you defeat Grand Pojo in Easy and Hard mode, you can receive only the rewards for Easy and Hard mode.
Please note that you are not qualified to receive the rewards for Normal, Nightmare and Ultimate mode in this case.