5 Million Download Celebration! Check the Special Events!!

Thank you for playing Toram Online.

The total number of app downloads of Toram Online has reached 5 million downloads thanks to your continued patronage.

To celebrate this, we would like to hold special events and campaigns!

"The Golden One Is Back Again... and Again?!"

"Golden Potum" always appears to Toram Online during celebration events.
The monster will accompany Potums of various types. If you defeat them, you have the chance to get the items that can be used to dye equipment.
This time, the colors include the ones picked up from users’ comments on our official Twitter. Don’t miss it!

Get All of Them! “Event-Limited Emblems”!

The special emblems to celebrate 5 million downloads have been added.
You can get these emblems by meeting certain conditions such as logging in the game and playing the game for 1 hour.
If you obtain all the emblems every day, you can get up to 1200 Orb Shards that can be converted to 12 Orbs (In-game currency).

Chance to Win Orbs! Follow&RT Twitter Campaign!

5 players who retweet the indicated tweet during the campaign period will be selected at random and "Orb x50" (in-game currency worth 5000 JPY) will be gifted!
Follow our official Twitter (@toram_pr) and retweet the fixed tweet to apply to the event!

Log In to Get "5 Million Download Pack"!

We will gift "5 Million Download Pack" to all the players who log in the game during the campaign period.
This pack contains 6 types of useful items such as Life Potion x5 (HP healing item) and Mana Potion x5 (MP healing item).
If you haven’t played Toram Online, start playing the game and complete the tutorials to obtain the item pack!

Item Details

・Life Potion x5
Restores full HP.

・Mana Potion x5
Restores 2000 MP.

・Revive Droplet x5
Ignores the resurrection time.

・Libera's Book x1
Increases EXP Gain from monsters by 100% for 1 hour.

・Virgo's Book x1
Increases Drop Rate from monsters by 50% for 1 hour.

・Tenert's Book x1
Increases EXP Gain by 100%, Drop Rate from monsters by 50% for 1 hour.

Don't Miss the Special Deals! 5 Million Download Special Offers!

There will be discounts on Chests, and Orb items sets will be on sale during the campaign period!

Please refer to the following link for more details.

Campaign Period

From: After the maintenance on January 19th
Until: Before the maintenance on January 26th