Merry Christmas to Toram Online!

Merry Christmas to all the adventurers!

We are announcing the Xmas Event 2015!

Xmas Event 2015

The new map for Xmas Event has been released, and you can get limited-time items!
Hang "Xmas Stockings" on Xmas Tree in the new map and get Xmas gifts!

Event Details

▼Event Period
From: After the maintenance on December 10th
Until: December 28th at 5:00 AM (JST/GMT+9)

▼How to Get "Xmas Stocking"
- Complete Xmas quests.
- Collect "Xmas Star" that monsters drop during the event period and exchange it for "Xmas Stocking".

Hang "Xmas Stocking" on Xmas Tree in the map and you can get Xmas gifts the next day.
You can use the Xmas gifts to create Avatars for Xmas!

*Drop Boosting Items and Stats (LUK) affect the drop rates of "Xmas Star".
*Xmas gifts will be delivered in the Xmas Stockings that are hung by December 26th.

A wormhole appears in Sofya City!

Xmas Limited Avatars!