Confirmed Bugs (2/24/2015)

Thank you for playing Toram Online.

We have confirmed a bug on a skill and items, so please check the following details.

Bug Report

We will announce on our official website when the issues are fixed.

- Items may not be purchased correctly via Consignment System.
- Item details may not be shown on Consignment System.
*If you confirm the issues above, please try later or open Consignment screen again.

- Sold items may shown in the search result on Consignment System.

- You may not able to search for items on Consignment System.

- Wrong element applied to "Moonlight Potum".

- Even if you switch Back and Close button from Menu > Settings > System > Switch Back/Close Button, it doesn't work properly under certain conditions.

- Combo does not work properly when Mind's Eye is set on the following skills.
 - Snipe
 - Smoke Dust
 - Magic: Lances
 - Sonic Wave
 - Earthbind
 - Spinning Slash

Supported iOS Version

If you update your iOS version to "iOS 9" some letters will be garbled.

Please refrain from updating your iOS version until the app supports iOS 9.

We will announce further information about supported OS later.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.