[EDIT:2/26 4:40 PM]Confirmed Bugs (2/26/2016)

Thank you for playing Toram Online.

We have confirmed a bug on a skill and items, so please check the following details.

Bug Report

We will announce on our official website when the issues are fixed.

- The duration of "Giga Speed Potion" is not set correctly.

[EDIT:2/26 4:40]
- Authentication gets stuck after starting the app and [Code001] error message is displayed.

*Currently, we are investigating the cause of this issue.

This issue may be fixed by resynchronizing Google Account on your device.
Please try the following steps.

*Please make changes to the settings of your device at your own responsibility.
*PLEASE TAKE DOWN A NOTE of the ID and password of the Google Account you are using for Toram Online.
You need them to continue the game with your current data.

Step 1: Uninstall Toram Online.
Step 2: Tap Android drawer screen (App List) > Settings > Account > Google.
Step 3: Delete the Google Account used for Toram Online.
Step 4: Reboot the device.
Step 5: Tap Android drawer screen (App List) > Settings > Account > Add a Google Account (The same account as deleted in Step 3.)
Step 6: Install Toram Online and start the app.
Step 7: Choose the Google Account you were using for Toram Online and select "Allow access" at Permission request screen for Google App Engine.

- [Android] User Interface may not be shown correctly.
*We are investigating the cause of this issue.
If you confirm this issue, please try following options and it may be fixed.
 - Close all other apps in background.
 - Restart the app.
 - Reboot the device.

If the above options don't work, please contact us from our official website (http://en.toram.jp/) with the following information.
 - Android Device Name:
 - Android OS Version:
 - IME Used on the Device:

- Items may not be purchased correctly via Consignment System.
- Item details may not be shown on Consignment System.

*If you confirm the issues above, please try later or open Consignment screen again.

- Sold items may shown in the search result on Consignment System.

- You may not able to search for items on Consignment System.

- Wrong element applied to "Moonlight Potum".

- Even if you switch Back and Close button from Menu > Settings > System > Switch Back/Close Button, it doesn't work properly under certain conditions.

- Combo does not work properly when Mind's Eye is set on the following skills.
 - Snipe
 - Smoke Dust
 - Magic: Lances
 - Sonic Wave
 - Earthbind
 - Spinning Slash

- The app stucks by tapping "Action" on the warp portal to "Ethos Fortress".

[EDIT:2/25 7:30 PM]
This issue has been fixed.

Supported iOS Version

If you update your iOS version to "iOS 9" some letters will be garbled.

Please refrain from updating your iOS version until the app supports iOS 9.

We will announce further information about supported OS later.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.