[EDIT]Let's Take Some Screenshots!

If you use the screenshot feature in Toram Online, you can hide the UI and freely move the angle of the screen without moving your character when you take a picture.

Let's capture your adventure memories!

★:Screenshot Settings

★:Key Configuration and Shortcuts Settings

★:Make Use of View Mode!

Screenshot Settings

You can choose the type of screenshot to take from Menu > Settings > System > Screenshot Settings.

[Entire Screen / Hide Names / Ignore 2D Graphics] are the 3 types of screenshot you can choose.

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Key Configuration and Shortcuts Settings

Steam / Windows

Menu > Settings > Key Configuration > Screenshot

Android / iOS

Menu > Settings > Shortcuts > Select the Shortcut Slot and tap Screenshot

You can take a screenshot with the key you have selected.

The screenshot will be saved in "PNG format".
The save location will be shown in the chat column when you take the screenshot.

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Make Use of View Mode!

Picture taken with normal "Screenshot"

Picture taken with "Screenshot" in View Mode

By choosing the View Mode that you have added to the shortcut, you will be able to move the screen angle without moving your character.

How to Switch to View Mode

Menu > Settings > Shortcuts > Choose a shortcut slot, Menu > View Mode.

To take a picture in View Mode, you can use the usual "Screenshot" button or the key that you have set as the shortcut for screenshot.

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*You may not be able to take a screenshot properly depending on your device.
*You may not be able to take a screenshot if there is not enough space on Storage space.

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