Alchemia Story x Toram Online Collaboration Event!

Toram Online is holding a collaboration with Alchemia Story by ASOBIMO.

This event is packed with many interesting contents including the battle against the limited-edition monster "Gerumi" and daily emblems that give you buffs that are useful for your adventure every day.

Enjoy the collaboration event and take a look at "Alchemia Story"!

Collaboration Event Period

From: 09/30/2021 after the maintenance
Until: 10/14/2021 before the maintenance

*Some events and promotions end on different dates.
Please check each official announcement for the details.

★:Gerumi Hunting Event! Get Limited Equipment!

★:Collaboration Event-Limited Recipes Available!

★:Collab Event-Limited Pet Monster Available!

★:3 Daily Emblems for Your Adventure!

★:Special Twitter Campaign!

Gerumi Hunting Event!
Get Limited Equipment!

The mascot monster of Alchemia Story: "Gerumi" appears in the world of Toram Online!

Select "Alchemia Story Collaboration" at the event NPC in Sofya City to join the battle.

Also, you can use "Zell Bags", which drops from Gerumi, as materials for exchanging items!

Collab Prize Exchange Period

From: 09/30/2021 after the maintenance
Until: 10/21/2021 before the maintenance

Defeat "Gerumi" Campaign! Presents for 10 Lucky Adventurers!!

Defeat [Boss Gerumi (Lv180)/ High-Level Gerumi (Lv220)] to Get a Chance to Win "Gorgeous Items"!
5 adventurers will be randomly selected to receive the presents every week! (Total 10 winners will be selected)

So make sure to invite your friends and guild members to play and aim to win against Gerumi!

*Tap to see "Gorgeous Items"
Piercer [OHS]× 1
Piercer [THS]× 1
Piercer [Bow]× 1
Piercer [Bowgun]× 1
Piercer [Staff]× 1
Piercer [Magic Device]× 1
Piercer [Knuckle]× 1
Piercer [Halberd]× 1
Piercer [Katana]× 1
Legendary Piercer× 1

Prize Draw Period

1st Draw09/30/2021 after the maintenance
10/06/2021 at 11:59 PM (JST/GMT+9)
2nd Draw10/07/2021 at 00:00 AM (JST/GMT+9)
10/14/2021 before the maintenance

Prize Delivery Period

To be delivered 1 week after each draw.


*Defeat either Boss Gerumi (Lv180) or High-Level Gerumi (Lv220) to join this campaign!

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Collaboration Event-Limited Recipes Available!

Examples of Equipment Craftable at the Blacksmith

Collaboration-Limited Recipes Available!
The recipes are only available during the collaboration, so don't miss them!

How to Create Items with Limited-Edition Recipes?

Talk to the Blacksmith in "Sofya City", "El Scaro" or "Hora Diomedea", tap "Create Equipment" and select "Limited-Time".

Limited Recipes Available Period

From: 09/30/2021 after the maintenance
Until: 10/21/2021 before the maintenance

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Collab Event-Limited Pet Monster Available!

Explore the world of Toram Online together with "Gerumi" that is extremely adorable!

Gerumi Will Visit Your Land?!

Special collab-limited pet monster "Gerumi" will visit Your Land that is set in public mode during the event period.

You will be able to raise and make the "Gerumi" that visits Your Land your pet by feeding it and increasing its affinity up to a certain value.

"Gerumi's" Visiting Period

From: 09/30/2021 after the maintenance
Until: 10/14/2021 before the maintenance

Gerumi can also be tamed!

Certain monsters that inhabit the event-limited map can also be tamed and captured with Tamer Skills.

Some monsters can only be found here, so if you see any monster that you like, try to capture it!

How to Capture a Pet

To capture monsters, you need to have empty Consumable Item: "Pet Cage"(*1), and learn Tamer Skill: "Taming"(*2).
By using "Taming" on the monsters that can be captured while meeting the conditions above, the time limit will be displayed.
Capture will be completed when the green bar reaches to max within the time limit.
If the green bar didn't reach to max within the time limit, the capture fails and you may lose a Pet Cage.

*1 You can buy "Pet Cage" at general stores in cities.
*2 You can learn Tamer Skills at the library in Sofya City by paying Spina.
Lv1 Tamer Skills are available from Lv30, Lv2 Tamer Skills from Lv90.

lease refer to "this news" for the details about "Pet System".

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3 Daily Emblems for Your Adventure!

Special daily emblems useful for your daily adventure are now available!

Try It!: EXP PotatoLog in the game.EXP Gain +10% for today.
Try It!: Hunting PotatoDefeat Gerumi(*1) x30.Drop Rates +10% for today.
Alchemia Story Collaboration EmblemPlayed for an hourTicket Piece x50

Complete them and play Toram Online!

Collab-Limited Emblems Claim Period

From: 09/30/2021 after the maintenance
Until: 10/14/2021 before the maintenance

Please note that the emblems are reset at 5:00 AM (JST/ GMT+9) every day, so please don't forget to claim and receive the rewards once you have cleared the condition.

*You can claim and receive emblems after clearing the conditions from [Menu > News > You've got Emblem].

*1:Gerumi in any difficulty will be counted as long as they are from "Alchemia Story Collaboration Event".

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Special Twitter Campaign!

Follow Toram Online's official Twitter account (@toram_pr) and retweet the tweet we specify during the campaign period! 10 lucky winners will be selected to win Ticket Piece x1000!

Tweet to Retweet

Please check "here" for the tweet to retweet on our official Twitter!

Contact method

The winners will be contacted by トーラムオンラインの広報ポトゥムさん( @toram_pr ) via DM on Twitter.
Please make sure that you have enabled the option to Receive Direct Messages from anyone. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for the award.

If you don't have a Twitter account yet, take this chance to create one and join the campaign!

Follow & Retweet Campaign Period

10/4/2021 6:00 PM (JST/GMT+9)

The prizes are scheduled to be sent in late October, 2021.

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*The event period and rewards are subject to change.

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What is Alchemia Story?

"Alchemia Story" is a new generation MMO"J"RPG which has online features and classic Japanese RPG.

The game has a variety of options to customize your character such as appearance and even age.
Also a support character called "YOME", who helps you out on your adventure, will be always with you.
Taking place in the world of Alchemy, Alchemia Story is a cool RPG where you can enjoy adventures with monsters and characters that are full of energy, intense turned-based battles, and stories with a happy end!

Check out "Alchemia Story" official website!

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