[EDIT]"Guild RAID" Released!! Work Together with Your Guild Mates to Challenge the Boss!

We have released the "Guild RAID" feature where you can challenge a RAID boss with your guild mates.
Work together with your guild mates and make sure to defeat the boss to get the materials to remodel your Guild Bar and improve the equipment!
Let's build and grow your Guild!

★:What's Guild RAID?

★:Summoning a RAID BOSS

★:Let's Challenge the RAID BOSS!

★:RAID BOSS Rewards

What's Guild RAID?

It's a RAID battle against a boss that can be played with your guild mates (up to 16 players).

Hall of Defiance

The Guild RAID feature in "Hall of Defiance" will be unlocked by upgrading your Guild Bar from "Shabby Bar" to "Renovated Bar".

You will see the option to "Hall of Defiance" when searching for the Transfer Device to the Maze.
Move to "Hall of Defiance" and talk to the NPC "Priest" to start a Guild RAID.

For details about Guild Bar remodeling, please check "this news".

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Summoning a RAID Boss


First, move to "Hall of Defiance" and talk to the NPC "Priest".
You will then be able to summon a RAID boss with "Guild Medals".

*The number of Guild Medals required to summon a RAID boss will increase after each summon.
*The number of Guild Medals required to summon a RAID boss is reset on the first of every month.
[EDIT:10/15 7:00 PM(JST)]
*The level of the RAID boss summoned will not be reset.

"Guild Medals" will be required to summon a RAID monster and only the Guild Master and Vice Master can do it.
Once summoned, the RAID Battle will be available for up to 3 days (72 hours).
The RAID battle ends when the boss is defeated or when time has expired.
When a RAID boss is successfully defeated, the next time it is summoned, it will have a higher level and become a more powerful enemy that stands in the players' way.
When a RAID boss fails to be defeated, its level will be lowered the next time it is summoned.

*If a RAID boss has been summoned, you can talk to the NPC "Priest" to check the date and time it was summoned.

When the RAID Battle ends, you will be unable to summon the boss again for 3 days.

*The period in which RAID Bosses can be summoned varies according to their elements.

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Let's Challenge the RAID BOSS!

After summoning the RAID Boss, you can challenge it from the crystal that appears in the middle of "Hall of Defiance".

All party members are required to have RAID Staamina to partipate in the RAID Boss Battle.
Each member can have up to 10 RAID Stamina and 1 Stamina will be restored every day.

*You can also restore RAID Stamina with Orbs or crystas.

Joining RAID BOSS Battle

Up to 4 parties (16 players) can participate in a RAID Boss Battle at the same time.

When one of the party members tap ready, the players will be taken to the page that shows all participating parties.
If all party members tap ready, the party leader will see the "Start with These Members!!" button and once all parties tap the button, the RAOD Battle will begin.

*The RAID can also be started when there are fewer than 4 parties if all participating parties tap ready.

Once the RAID Battle starts, the players can battle for 3 minutes. Since Revive Droplet cannot be used when you are knocked out, "Play Dead" and "First Aid" are important.
If it has been more than 3 minutes since the RAID Battle started, the players will receive damage over time and immediately leave the RAID when knocked out.


A RAID Boss may have up to 8 types of traits that are given randomly. The traits may have positive or negative effect in the battle.
The traits of the RAID Boss will be identified by battling it and when you battle it for the 8th time, all the traits will be revealed.

*The effects of the traits are all active even when they are still hidden.
*The negative effect that has been identified can be removed with Orbs by tapping the [✕] icon.

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The rewards earned after defeating a RAID Boss are based on the element of the RAID Boss.
The higher the level of the RAID Boss summoned, the more the rewards you will get, so defeat the RAID Boss that is getting stronger and stronger with your friends!

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