Work Together with Your Guild Mates to Grow Your Guild Bar! "Remodel Guild Bar/ Enhance Bar Equipment" Is Out!

The new feature to "Remodel Guild Bar/ Enhance Bar Equipment" has been added.
You can unlock new features in the Guild System and change the interior of the Guild Bar to the one you like by remodeling it.

By enhancing the bar equipment, you can give useful buffs for daily adventures and Guild RAID to your guild mates.
The effect of the buffs will become better with each enhancement, so make sure to work together with your guild mates to enhance the Guild Bar equipment!

★:Let's Remodel Guild Bar!

★:Let's Enhance Guild Bar Equipment!

Let's Remodel Guild Bar!

When your guild reaches Lv15, you will be able to remodel the Guild Bar from the [Guild Menu > Remodel Bar/ Equipment > Remodel Bar].
You can change the appearance of the bar with the Guild's Capital or the materials you obtain from Guild RAID

"Guild Medals" that can be obtained from Guild Quest are only required when remodeling "Shabby Bar" to "Renovated Bar".

Turning the Guild Bar into "Renovated Bar" will unlock new appearances for the bar, Guild RAID, and the feature to Enhance Bar Equipment, so make sure to collect "Guild Medals" and remodel your Guild Bar!

*Reenter the Guild Bar for the change (appearance) to apply.

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Let's Enhance Guild Bar Equipment!

By remodeling the Guild Bar to "Renovated Bar", you will be able to enhance the bar equipment.
Bar Food will be placed in the Guild Bar as you enhance the equipment and your guild members can eat the food.

Let's Raise the Level of Your Guild's Equipment!

There are 3 categories of guild's equipment, namely "Capital Investment", "Bar Food", and "Guild RAID".
Those in "Capital Investment" and "Bar Food" category give you useful buffs for your daily adventures and those in "Guild Raid" category give you useful buffs for Guild RAID.
You will need either Guild Medals that you can get from Guild Quest or materials from Guild RAID to enhance the equipment in each category.
The amount of RAID material required to enhance the equipment will increase each time you use them, so focus on enhancing the facility you need first.

*The required amount of RAID material that increases after each enhancement will increase based on the element of material used.
 For example, if water element material is used repeatedly, but dark element material is not used at all, then only the amount of water element material required will increase.

Let's Eat Guild Bar Food!

Eating the "Bar Food" placed in the Guild Bar will activate the effects of the food.
So remember to raise the level of the "Bar Food" by enhancing the equipment to get better effects!

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