New Year Boss Rush Event: "Road of Megiston" Started!

"Megiston", who might be the most energetic guy in Toram Online, is back once again!
Can you complete "Road of Megiston" where mighty bosses await you?

He's waiting for your challenge at the arena!

Event Period

From: After the maintenance on 12/27/2021
Until: Before the maintenance on 1/20/2022

★:What's Road of Megiston?

★:How to Challenge Road of Megiston?

★:Rewards for Completing Road of Megiston!

What's Road of Megiston?

"Road of Megiston" is an event held in a special map to defeat several boss monsters in a knockout tournament.
You can challenge it as many times as you want during the event period as long as you meet the requirements and are able to pay the participation fee.

You can get gorgeous rewards everytime you win a battle, so try your best to win all the battles!

Also, you can play the year-end/new-year event "Road of Megiston".

You can receive EXP and the following rewards each time you win the battle.

Quest Name: Rewards
6th Road of Megiston
Megiston BOX Ⅵ
(1 type from Gold/Silver/Bronze)
5th Road of MegistonMegiston BOX Ⅴ
(1 type from Gold/Silver/Bronze)
4th Road of MegistonMegiston BOX Ⅳ
(1 type from Gold/Silver/Bronze)
3rd Road of MegistonMegiston BOX III
(1 type from Gold/Silver/Bronze)
2nd Road of MegistonMegiston BOX II
(1 type from Gold/Silver/Bronze)
1st Road of MegistonMegiston BOX
(1 type from Gold/Silver/Bronze)

What is a Megiston Box?

Megiston Box is a consumable item reward for Road of Megiston and there are 3 types of grade: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
It contains various items, and you have a chance to get powerful Crystas from Silver and Gold boxes.
Please note that the items that can be obtained from each Megiston Box vary.

As you move ahead to the next battle, the chance to get higher grade boxes increases!
Try your best to win all the battles to get greater rewards!

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How to Challenge Road of Megiston?

If you meet the required conditions, you can enter the event venue of "Road of Megiston" through the portal at "El Scaro"

Accept the quest from Megiston in the Arena and challenge the event!

Quest Name: Required Condition: Required Item:
6th Road of Megiston
Complete the Story Mission:
"The Duel in Nov Diela".
・Black Shadow Talon x1
・Dully Glowing Metal Bit x1
・Black Patagium x1
5th Road of MegistonComplete the Story Mission:
"A New Beginning".
・Kuzto Splinter x1
・Gravicep Claw x1
・Pisteus Bone x1
4th Road of MegistonComplete the Story Mission:
"At Mountains' End".
・Broken Mushroom Hammer x1
・Corroded Titan Fragment x1
・King Piton Fang x1
3rd Road of MegistonComplete the Story Mission:
"Chaotic Truth".
・Forest Spirit's Robe x1
・Guignol's Iron Scrap x1
・Chief BK Glove Bit x1
2nd Road of MegistonComplete the Story Mission:
"Mystery of the Black Knights".
・Crystalized Skin x1
・Copied Goddess's Helm Fragment x1
・Chimera Scale x1
1st Road of MegistonComplete the Story Mission:
"The Sacred Gem in Akaku".
・Brutal Dragon Skin x1
・Boss Roga's Belt x1
・Cracked Face Stone x1

Please note that the participation cost items depend on the quest.

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Rewards for Completing Road of Megiston!

We would like to gift the following items at a later date to the players who defeat the final boss, "Zega"!

Defeat the final boss "Zega" on 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th or 5th or 6th Road of Megiston.Star Gem Shard x 300

Challenge the event and get the rewards!

The reward is scheduled to be delivered in early February, 2022.


*You will not get the present if you fall from the battle field during the fight and get out of the arena.

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*The event period and rewards are subject to change.

*The participation fees will be charged after winning the 1st battle.
If you lose the 1st battle, the participation fee will not be charged.

*If you fall from the battle field, you will return to El Scaro and lose the battle.

*You cannot rejoin your party members after falling from the battle field.

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