Collaboration Event of "Magical Girl Raising Project" x "Toram Online"!

The collaboration event with the anime "Magical Girl Raising Project" will be back on September 22, 2022 starting from 5:00 AM (JST/GMT+9).

We will have an event with the limited collaboration avatars and campaigns with special items that you can get only by logging in the game.

Time to become a magic girl in the world of Toram Online!

Collab Event Period

From:9/22/2022 at 5:00 AM (JST/GMT+9)
Until: 10/13/2022 before maintenance

*Some events and promotions end on different dates.
Please check each official announcement for the details.

★:Log In and Get "Fav Doll"!

★:Get Special Emblem Rewards Everyday!!

★:Anybody Can Be a Magical Girl! Special Avatar Chest Is Now Out!!

★:What's the Magical Girl Raising Project?

Log In and Get "Fav Doll"!

Fav Doll

The mascot character of "Magical Girl Raising Project" became a limited avatar equipment!
You can get it just by logging in the game during the collaboration event period.
Don't forget to login and try it!

If you equip "Fav Doll" and use the Say Chat, then you will ...
Why don't you check it out for yourself?

*You can receive "Fav Doll" from [Menu > Community > Mailbox > Present].
You can equip "Fav Doll" by selecting it from [Menu > Character > Equipment > Avatar].

Receivable Period of Fav Doll

From: 9/22/2022 at 12:00 PM (JST/GMT+9)
Until: 10/13/2022 before maintenance

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Get Special Emblem Rewards Everyday!!

During the following period, special daily emblems are available!

Mahoiku Collab
Daily Bonus 1/3
Logged in the game.Revive Droplet x1
Mahoiku Collab
Daily Bonus 2/3
Played more than 1 hour in total today.Teleport Ticket x3
Mahoiku Collab
Daily Bonus 3/3
Played more than 2 hours in total today.Orb Shard x30

Play the game everyday and get them all!

Collab-Limited Emblems Claim Period

From: 09/22/2022 at 5:00 AM (JST/GMT+9)
Until: 10/13/2022 at 5:00 AM (JST/GMT+9)

Please note that the emblems are reset at 5:00 AM (JST/ GMT+9) every day, so please don't forget to claim and receive the rewards once you have cleared the condition.

*You can claim and receive emblems after clearing the conditions from [Menu > News > You've got Emblem].
*If you collect 100 Orb Shards, you can create 1 "Unpaid Orb" at the Orb Shop.
The Orbs you created from the Orb Shards can only be used on the same platform you created them.

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Anybody Can Be a Magical Girl!
Special Avatar Chest Is Now Out!!

The costumes of the popular characters such as "Snow White", "La Pucelle", "Ripple" and more are now available!
Wear the special collaboration avatars and become a true magic girl!
Don't miss it!

Available for Purchase

From: 9/22/2022 at 4:00 PM (JST/GMT+9)
Until: 10/13/2022 before the maintenance

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*Please note that the available period may be shortened or changed.
*Limited-time events or promotions may be held again in the future on different conditions after they have ended.

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What's the Magical Girl Raising Project?

A merciless game of musical chairs begins with 16 Magical Girls!

These girls will deceive, outwit, and fight all the sake of being a Magical Girl.
Under the authority of the administration, who has deemed that "There are too many magical girls, so we must decrease them by half", every week one girl will be stripped of her status as a Magical Girl.
Thus, 16 Magical Girls, caught in a risky and irrational game, will devise the tactics necessary to maintain their Magical Girl status all while enacting their intentions from behind the curtain.
The abnormal circumstances exhausts their senses. However, amidst this turmoil, each Magical Girl will find herself and accept this ruthless game.

©2016 Asari Endō, Takarajimasha / Mahoiku

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