[Maintenance Completed] Changes to High Difficulty Battle Event boss lineup.

After the maintenance on 1/19/2023, 4 types of limited battle against high difficulty boss monster have been reinstated.

Gravel TerraceGoldoon
El ScaroAncient Empress
Hora DiomedeaUsasama the Necromancer
Hora DiomedeaVolgagon

Make sure to challenge it with your friends or guild members to enjoy the satisfying battle!

Event Period

From:1/19/2023 after the maintenance

*The end date of the event will be announced at a later date.

Please refer to "this news" for more details.

Please refer to the following for other maintenance contents.

Maintenance Details

・High difficulty level boss battle against "Gespenst","Stellar Ooze" and "Stellar Ooze(Hell Mode)" is no longer available.

・The end of "Road of Megiston" Event.

・New Year Daily Emblems are no longer available.

*Avanclain Shrine will be available until 4:59 AM (JST/GMT+9) on 2/1/2023.

・Few updates on the security system.

The following issues have been fixed.

・The display showing the time the crops in the garden need to be watered is not working properly after planting.
・The critical judgment from the second hit onward is reflected on the first hit damage of the skill "Magic: Magic Cannon".
・Minor bug fixes.

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