[EDIT]About the Bug That Occurs When Using the Skill "Auto-Device" and "Kunai Throw" Together.

We have confirmed that attack speed may reach the range that is detected as abnormal when using the skill "Auto-Device" added on 10/27/2022 and "Kunai Throw" together.

We have fixed the bug through an app version update on Friday, 2/10/2023, so please kindly update your app.

Below are the versions of the app where the bug mentioned above has been fixed.

PlatformUpdate Version

[EDIT:2/13 6:00 PM(JST)]
We have also fixed the data and removed the login restrictions applied to 4 1 accounts because of this bug.
We have delivered "Unpaid Orb x 30" as compensation to the 4 players and additionally for any of the 4 players that had purchased 30-Day Tickets, we are also delivering "Unpaid Orb x 5" for each type of 30-Day Tickets purchased.

We sincerely apologize for the trouble and inconvenience caused.

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