[EDIT]Limited Event: "Snowball Fight" Released! Hit Snowballs!!

Snowball Fight

Now you can play "Snowball Fight" in the world of Toram Online for a limited period of time after the maintenance 2/16/2023!
Use and exchange the "Snowball Points" you get from "Snowball Fight" for rare items that are exclusive to this event!

Make sure to play it with your jolly good friends or guild members and enjoy the exciting game!

"Snowball Fight" Event Period

From: After the maintenance on 2/16/2023
Until: Before the maintenance on 4/13/2023

*Some events and promotions end on different dates.
Please check each official announcement for the details.

★:What is Snowball Fight?


★:Snowball Fight gets more exciting with items!!

★:Exchange Your "Snowball Points" for Various Gorgeous Items!

★:Snowball Fight Limited Special Daily Emblems Available!

What is Snowball Fight?

Players are divided into 2 teams and compete the number of snowballs they hit within 3 minutes.

Tips for Snowball Fight!

Menu > Terminal > Go to snowball fight venue.

You can access the mini-game venue from [Menu > Terminal > Go to snowball fight venue] at Save Point.

Also, you can go to Save Point from [Menu > Terminal > Back to Town] from the mini-game venue.


1Tap "I'm ready!!" after moving to the snowball fight field.
2The game will start with selected players via auto-matching.
3The winner is the team that holds more HP than the other.
Snowball Points will increase a little and you will get 1 Ice & Snow Bucket if you win.

*You cannot get the item if your bag is full.
*"Snow Bear Box" that you can get from Prize Exchange has a low chance to appear too from "Ice & Snow Bucket".

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Controls | Snowball Fight

HPIt decreases if you are hit by opponents.
Blue HP shows allied team's HP, red shows opponent team's HP.
MakeYou can sit down and create snowballs.
The more you hold snowballs, the longer it takes to create a snowball.
ThrowYou can throw a snowball.
Snowballs are thrown toward the "+" mark in front of the screen.
AutoYou can throw a snowball to a player within the range and sight.
DodgeYou can dodge snowballs by quickly moving a short distance.
If you are holding snowballs, you may lose them.

* All throwing motions will become slower if you are in the enemy's zone.

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Snowball Fight gets more exciting with items!!

Treasure Boxes Appear on the Snowball Fight Field!!

You can get a "30-second Buff Item" by tapping the treasure box that appears on the Snowball Fight field!

Ice MeteorIce chunks fall if you place a snowball on the ground!
Ice BarrierNo frostbite for up to 3 hits!
Team RescueFully recover from frostbite.Team HP restored!
Jumbo BallSnowballs become bigger!
TripleSnowballs thrown become 3!

Also, you can steal the buff from knocking down a buffed player!

Have fun using the items and use of them well to lead your team to victory!!

About Frostbite and Respawn

If you get hit by a snowball, you will flinch and get frostbite that causes the screen to freeze for a little bit. If you get another hit in this condition, you will tumble and the screen will continue to freeze. Furthermore, if you get a third hit, you will freeze to death. After the death animation is shown, you will be taken back to the starting point and you lose 200 HP.

You will heal or return to the previous stage of frostbite if you don't get hit for 12 seconds.
You will be invincible for a few seconds when you flinch or tumble.

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Exchange Your "Snowball Points" for Various Gorgeous Items!

Examples of Items You Can Exchange For

You can exchange the "Snowball Points" you get from Snowball Fight for items at the Event Prize Exchange.

There are items you can get according to the total "Snowball Points" you have earned so far, and there are also items you can get by simply exchanging the number of "Snowball Points" required.

The exchangeable items include event-limited equipment items and various Orb items.

Get gorgeous items by actively joining the snowball fight!

"Snowball Fight" Event Prize Exchange Available Period

From: After the maintenance on 2/16/2023
Until: 04/20/2023 before the maintenance
Until: 04/21/2023 before the maintenance

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Snowball Fight Limited Special Daily Emblems Available!

Emblems that give you Ticket Pieces and other items will be available during the event period below.

Snowball Fight Daily Emblems

Snowball Fight Daily Bonus (Participate)Play Snowball Fight 2 times
Join from Terminal
Revive Droplet x1
Snowball Fight Daily Bonus (1st Victory)Win Snowball Fight once.Ticket Piece x4
Snowball Fight Ticket BonusObtain a 30-Day Ticket.Ice & Snow Bucket x2

Win the snowball fight and get gorgeous items every day!

Snowball Fight Daily Emblems Available Period

From: After the maintenance on 2/16/2023
Until: Before the maintenance on 4/13/2023

Please note that the emblems are reset at 5:00 AM (JST/ GMT+9) every day, so please don't forget to claim and receive the rewards once you have cleared the condition.

*You can claim and receive emblems after clearing the conditions from [Menu > News > You've got Emblem].

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*The battle begins after all the party members tap "I'm ready!!".
*The snowballs made during the previous match cannot be used.
*If matchmaking fails within the time limit after tapping "I'm ready!!", you will return to waiting mode to tap "I'm ready!!" again.
*Ranking based on the number of snowball you threw does not affect your win or loss.
*You will not be able to tap a new treasure box to get an additional buff when you still have a buff that is active.
*If you knock down a buffed player from the opponent's team while having an active buff, the buff stolen from the player will be granted to one of your team members.
However, if all players in your team already have a buff that is active, the stolen buff will disappear.
*The event period and rewards are subject to change.
*Limited-time events or promotions may be held again in the future on different conditions after they have ended.

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