Tsukimi Event Begins! Limited-Edition Recipes & Boss Battle Are Available Too!

Otsukimi Event Begins! Limited-Edition Recipes & Boss Battle Are Available Too!

The Tsukimi Event where you can create adorable items and enjoy limited-edition boss battle has begun after the maintenance on 09/14/2023.

You can play a limited-edition story and enjoy a special boss battle at the special Tsukimi Event venue during the event period.

Please enjoy the long autumn night at Toram Online!

Tsukimi Event Period

From: 09/14/2023 after maintenance
Until: 10/05/2023 before maintenance

*Some events and promotions end on different dates.
Please check each official announcement for the details.

★:Let's Play Tsukimi Event-Limited Quest!

★:Tsukimi Event Special Recipes Released!

★:Let's Make the Event-Limited Monster Your Pet!

Let's Play Tsukimi Event-Limited Quest!

The Tsukimi Event venue can be accessed from the wormhole in "El Scaro".

Quest NameMapRequired Condition
Moon Princess' AnxietyEl ScaroCleared Story Mission Chapter 1
"The Dragon and Black Crystal"
The Walking DangosEl ScaroCleared "Moon Princess' Anxiety"
Cleared Story Mission Chapter 1
"The Dragon and Black Crystal"

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Tsukimi Event Special Recipes Released!

Examples of Equipment Craftable at the Blacksmith

They're powerful weapons and stylish additional gears that can also be used as fashion items!

Example of Item Craftable at the Synthesist

Otsukimi DangoRestores 3000 HP.

How to Create Items with Limited-Edition Recipes?


Talk to the Blacksmith or Synthesist in "Sofya City", "El Scaro" or "Hora Diomedea", tap "Create Equipment" (for Blacksmith) and "Item Synthesis" (for Synthesist) and select "Limited-Time".

Let's Make Use of the "Mats Search" Feature!(Tap for details)

Use "Mats Search" to check the materials required in a crafting recipe.

Besides, you can also tap the monster shown on the top of the mini map to see the list of items the monster drops.

It's a useful feature that will definitely make crafting items more convenient than ever, so please make use of it!

Limited Recipes Available Period

From: 09/14/2023 after maintenance
Until: 10/12/2023 before maintenance

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Let's Make the Event-Limited Monster Your Pet!

Example of Monster That Can Be Captured

Certain monsters that inhabit the event-limited map can also be tamed and captured with Tamer Skills.

Some monsters can only be found here, so if you see any monster that you like, try to capture it!

How to Capture a Pet

To capture monsters, you need to have empty Consumable Item: "Pet Cage"(*1), and learn Tamer Skill: "Taming"(*2).
By using "Taming" on the monsters that can be captured while meeting the conditions above, the time limit will be displayed.
Capture will be completed when the green bar reaches to max within the time limit.
If the green bar didn't reach to max within the time limit, the capture fails and you may lose a Pet Cage.

*1 You can buy "Pet Cage" at general stores in cities.
*2 You can learn Tamer Skills at the library in Sofya City by paying Spina.
Lv1 Tamer Skills are available from Lv30, Lv2 Tamer Skills from Lv90.

Tips: How to Capture More Easily

You can capture monsters more easily by weakening them before starting capture.
Try attacking the monsters and inflict status ailments.

Tips: Captured Monsters Are Tradable!

The captured monsters are tradable with other players or via Consignment before releasing them on your land.
If you're having a hard time capturing monsters with the nature or type you like, you might want to get them by trading!

Please refer to "this news" for the details about "Pet System".

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*You can only have one event-limited quest active at a time.
*The event period and rewards are subject to change.
*Limited-time events or promotions may be held again in the future on different conditions after they have ended.

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