[EDIT]High Difficulty Boss Battle Event Is ON!

4 kinds of special battle against high difficulty boss monsters will be available after the maintenance on 09/21/2023.

Make sure to challenge it with your friends or guild members to enjoy the satisfying battle!

Event Period

From: 09/21/2023 after the maintenance
Until: Before the maintenance on 1/18/2024

*The end date of the event will be announced at a later date.

Event Details

You can challenge it from the wormholes appearing in the following maps.
Hora DiomedeaUsasama the Necromancer
Hora DiomedeaUsasama the Necromancer (Hell Mode)
Hora DiomedeaGespenst (Hell Mode)
Hora DiomedeaStellar Ooze

If you fall from the field, you will be kicked out from the current battle.
Watch your step!

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*The difficulty of the event battle cannot be changed.
*The event period and rewards are subject to change.
*Limited-time events or promotions may be held again in the future on different conditions after they have ended.

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