[Maintenance Completed] ASOBIMO Day Special Event! Buff Bonus Campaign Begins!

ASOBIMO's vision is "To be the No.1 online game company in Japan", and November 11th includes "1" the most among 365 days.
So, we will hold various great events and special offers!

"EXP Gain +50%" and "Pet's EXP Gain +50%" bonus buff will be given.

*The boost effect from this event will be stacked with the effect from Orb items and 30-Day Tickets.

Event Period

From: 11/9/2023 after the maintenance
Until: 11/16/2023 before the maintenance

Campaign-Exclusive Item for You!

Sitting Bemmo

Our company's mascot, "Bemmo-kun" has made an exclusive appearance as a cute additional gear.
Whether you're just about to start playing the game or you've been playing it, you can claim it just by logging in during the period below, so don't miss this chance!

They will be automatically sent to your accounts, so please check them from [Menu > Community > Mailbox > Present].

Gift Distribution Period

From: 11/9/2023 after the maintenance
Until: 11/16/2023 before the maintenance


*The gift can be obtained via any platform and each account can only receive the gift once.
After receiving the gift, you will not be able to receive it again on other platforms.
*Please note that the available period may be shortened or changed.
*Limited-time events or promotions may be held again in the future on different conditions after they have ended.

Please refer to the following for other maintenance contents.

Maintenance Details

・Ultimate Challenge Battle Rewards!

Adventurers can get gorgeous rewards by defeating the specified bosses on "Ultimate" mode during the tabulation period.

Please refer to for more details.

・Character slot has been added.

*Able to add it by purchasing with Orbs.

Skill Adjustments

The skills below have been adjusted.

Tenryu Ransei
It has been adjusted so that proration won't happen when using it consecutively.

Garyou Tensei
"Bouncing Blade" and "Nukiuchi Sennosen" will now accumulate Garyou Tensei's buff.
Added the effect that increases the final damage of Mononofu skills to Garyou Tensei's buff.
If the damage reduction buff from the activation of Garyou Tensei is active, the final damage increase of Mononofu skills will remain at its maximum effect regardless of the current value.

Kasumisetsu Getsuka
The power has been raised.
The power of the derivative skill "Tenryu Ransei: Zanyu" has been raised.

The point count will go down by a certain percentage when fighting a field boss.
The count will continue to go down when not fighting the boss.
Added the effect that increases the power of "Tenryu Ransei" from 50 Dauntless points.

Shooting range increased to 8m.
Due to this change, the equipment properties "Close Range Power" and "Long Range Power" have been adjusted to refer to the higher value.

Flash Blink
Changed to normal proration.

Geyser Kick
Adjusted to give physical penetration bonus regardless of activation distance.

Shield Repair
Shortened the charging time.

The power of each attack has been increased and the duration of the debuff has been extended.

Advanced Familia
Adjusted the time and level for familiar to act unpredictably.
Added a passive effect that increases the power of "Lightning", "Blizzard", and "Meteor Strike"according to the level acquired.

Homing Shot
Adjusted the number of shots according to the level acquired.

Multiple Hunt/Triple Ace Shots
Adjusted so that the buff effect will be activated just by using the skill.

Multiple Hunt/Sharp Sniper
Added DEX boost to the power of the skills.

Halloween Event will end.

At the same time, the following contents will also end.
・Acceptance period of event quests.
・Limited-edition item drop period.
・Limited-period Daily Emblems redemption period.
・The special music "VS Jeila" on Pom Arcade Machine's mini game is no longer available.

*As for the limited-edition recipes, they will be available until 11/16/2023 before the maintenance.

The following issues have been fixed.

・The distance bonus of the skill "Twin Buster Blade" was not being applied.
・Skill: "Dual Bringer" is applied other than Magic Blade Skills.
・Some effects of the skill "Magic Skin" are applied regardless of the equipment requirement.
・The skill "Teleport" can be used during a fall.
・Minor bug fixes.

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