[Maintenance Completed]Otoshidama Battle 2024 Is ON!

Otoshidama Battle where you get to challenge a boss associated with the Chinese zodiac is being held!
Defeat the boss "Dratone" and get items associated with "New Year" and Year of the Rabbit limited equipment!

Furthermore, we are also holding a campaign where we will randomly select 20 lucky adventurers who have defeated "Dratone" to win "Ticket Piece x2024"!

Let's "get rid of the bad luck" in your upcoming adventures at Avanclain Shrine!

Please refer to for more details.

Avanclain Shrine Available Period

From: 12:00 AM (JST/GMT+9) on 1/1/2024
Until: 4:59 AM (JST/GMT+9) on 2/1/2024

*Some events and promotions end on different dates.
Please check each official announcement for the details.

Please refer to the following for other maintenance contents.

Maintenance Details

・Jan 10 (Wed) Livestream Present Delivery

They will be automatically sent to your accounts, so please check them from [Menu > Community > Mailbox > Present].

*The present from the livestream on Jan 5 (Fri) will be delivered at a later date.
Please refer to for more details.

・The addition of monsters that can be tamed as pets.

Please refer to "this news" for the details about "Pet System".

・New furniture for Your Land added.

*Please check the new furniture from [Menu > House Management > Manage Furniture > HOT after changing] to Edit Mode.

Please refer to "this news" for the details about "Your Land".

・Welcome Back Campaign has ended.

・Xmas-limited recipes will no longer be available.

・Few updates on the security system.

The following issues have been fixed.

・Minor bug fixes.

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