[EDIT]Lots of Colorful Eggs! Easter Event is Back!!

Easter Event is Back!!

We are bringing the limited Easter Event back!

Easter Event Period

From: 03/28/2024 after the maintenance
Until: 04/11/2024 before the maintenance

*Some events and promotions end on different dates.
Please check each official announcement for the details.

★:Defeat monsters to get "Easter Eggs"!

★:Let's Make Use of the EX Skill "Color Saving" of Alchemy Skills!

└●How to Acquire the Skills

★:Happy Easter! Easter Limited Recipes Available!

Defeat monsters to get "Easter Eggs"!

During the event period below, you could get the limited-edition additional gears dyed in various colors "Easter Eggs" from all monsters.
There are many color variations for "Easter Eggs" and the combination of the colors is defined at random.

You have higher chance to get the item from monsters with high levels.
This is a golden chance to get additional gears in the rare colors you have been waiting for!


*You cannot obtain "Easter Eggs" from special event maps such as Guild Maze or Challenge Dungeon.

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Let's Make Use of the EX Skill "Color Saving" of Alchemy Skills!

[Menu > Character > Skills > Use EX Skills > Alchemy Skills]

The EX Skill "Color Saving" of Alchemy Skills will be unlocked if "Technical Synthesis I" Lv1 or higher has been acquired.
The option to "Save Color" will only be shown when the equipment has color info. Multiple colors can be selected and saved.

The option "Fetch Color" allows you to use the colors you saved to transmute equipment.

Only equipment with saved colors can be selected. When fetching color, the number of color selections and success rate depend on your equipment synthesis ability.
Please note that if the success rate is low, the equipment may not be colored although the saved color has been used.

Furthermore, the result of the transmutation will be the initial(default) equipment for each equipment type.

Equipment TypeEquipment Name
One-Handed SwordShortsword
Two-Handed SwordIron Blade
Magic DeviceMagi Klug
Body ArmorAdventurer's Garb
Additional GearRibbon

*The equipment which color is fetched will be lost including the crysta.
*The option to "Save Color" will not be shown when the equipment is locked, equipped or only has the color that has reached the maximum save limit.
*The maximum limit of the same color that can be saved is 99 for each "Part A/ Part B/ Part C" for each type of equipment.
*The color is saved per account.
*If the status of "Technical Synthesis I" becomes "Not Acquired Yet" due to "Skill Tree Reset", the EX Skill "Color Saving" will become unavailable. However, the colors you have saved will not be lost.
*If there is an active 30-Day Ticket, the character name will be added to the transmuted equipment.

How to Acquire the Skills

The Library is Here!NPC "Lilulu"

You can acquire the skill tree from the NPC "Lilulu" in the library in "Sofya City" with Spinas when your level meets the requirement.
The skill tree can also be acquired by using the item specified respectively.

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Happy Easter! Easter Limited Recipes Available!

Examples of Equipment Craftable at the Blacksmith

The event-limited recipes from previous years have also been made available.

Use them with the colorful Easter Eggs to coordinate your style!

How to Create Items with Limited-Edition Recipes?

Talk to the Blacksmith in "Sofya City", "El Scaro" or "Hora Diomedea", tap "Create Equipment" and select "Limited-Time".

Let's Make Use of the "Mats Search" Feature!(Tap for details)

Use "Mats Search" to check the materials required in a crafting recipe.

Besides, you can also tap the monster shown on the top of the mini map to see the list of items the monster drops.

It's a useful feature that will definitely make crafting items more convenient than ever, so please make use of it!

Easter Event Limited-Edition Recipes Available Period

From: 03/28/2024 after the maintenance
Until: 04/18/2024 before the maintenance

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*The event period and rewards are subject to change.
*Limited-time events or promotions may be held again in the future on different conditions after they have ended.

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