[EDIT]Toram's New Project Cancellation Notice / Toram Online's New Project Underway!

[EDIT:4/1 12:00 PM(JST)]
We have decided to cancel this project because the pets that were preparing to take part in the Hero Race have gone out for a walk as they couldn't resist the pleasant spring weather.

To all our loyal players who have been looking forward to it, please accept our sincerest apologies.

Your continued support would be greatly appreciated.

A racing game that is going to be another spin-off of "Toram Online", the MMORPG with complete freedom, is currently being developed!

Try to recall your childhood memories! People used to say, "If you run fast, you're a hero!"

Yes, speed makes a hero!!

Run freely through the world of Toram Online while overcoming various obstacles!

★:Introducing "Toram Racing Hero"!

★:How to Play

└●It's Important to Choose the Right Pet to Ride!

└●The Content of the Race Is Very Simple!

★:System Requirements

Introducing "Toram Racing Hero"!

April's Pino Cup Is Held!

A race sponsored by "Pino", the chief consul who rules Sofya City, will be held!

The pets raised by adventurers will race through the streets of Sofya City that are filled with obstacles.

Rumor has it that Pino loves pets, so show her how great your pets are!

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How to Play

Select a pet to ride and let's join the race!
There is a total of 401 fun modes to play and enjoy the race including the Single Training mode and Party mode!

It's Important to Choose the Right Pet to Ride!

If your pet is small, you are allowed to run while carrying it!
Acceleration from Twin Storm and Saber Aura may be useful in the race?!

If your pet is huge, you can aggressively rush toward your rivals and send them flying along with the obstacles. But you may also end up pushing them closer to the finish line, so be careful when you do this!

If the Affinity is low, your pet may throw you off and run off somewhere...

The Content of the Race Is Very Simple!

Trust your pet and do everything you can to be the first one to reach the finish line! That's all!
You may even fly or go through walls if you want to, anything is fine!
You only need to make sure that your pet reaches the finish line with you!
Choose your skills and stats carefully to become the best pet racer!

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System Requirements

GenreHero Racing Game That Let's You Run Freely
PriceFree (Basic Play)
OSPotum OS 4.1 or higher
CPUForty-One-Pom or newer
RAM2,024 GB or more

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*Race participants are required to raise and train pets.
*This is a fake project for April Fool's Day.

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