Drive Away the Frogs!! Rainy Season Event is BACK!

A limited-time event will be held after the maintenance on 5/30/2024.

Collect "Teru Teru Bozu" from the Rainy Season Event and get various gorgeous items including the new item "Pom Creamy Treat" from the Event Prize Exchange!

Rainy Season Event Period

From: 05/30/2024 after the maintenance
Until: 06/13/2024 before the maintenance

*Some events and promotions end on different dates.
Please check each official announcement for the details.

★:What is Rainy Season Event?

★:Collect "Teru Teru Bozu" and Exchange Them for Gorgeous Prizes!

★:Let's redecorate Your Land!

What is Rainy Season Event?

Wipe out the massive number of frog monsters within the time limit in the event!

Complete the Story Mission: Chapter 1 and talk to the NPC: "Ruram" beyond the wormholes in Sofya City, El Scaro and Hora Diomedea.

Select the difficulty and the event battle begins when all the party members are ready.

The quest "Flogging Froggy!!" can be cleared by defeating all the frogs within the time limit.

Some frogs might be much stronger than they look...

If you clear it, you can get "Teru Teru Bozu" and other event-limited items randomly!

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Collect "Teru Teru Bozu" and Exchange Them for Gorgeous Prizes!

You can exchange the "Teru Teru Bozu" you get from the Rainy Season Event for items with the NPC "Lalun" at the "Prize Exchange".

A certain number of "Teru Teru Bozus" are required for each prize, so exchange them and get various gorgeous prizes including "Pom Creamy Treat"!

Rainy Season Event Prize Exchange Available Period

From: 05/30/2024 after the maintenance
Until: 06/20/2024 before the maintenance

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Let's redecorate Your Land!

Example of Craftable Furniture

Items for Your Land that can be created with materials obtained from Rainy Season Event are available!

Why don't you take this chance to change your Land's design?

Please refer to "this news" for the details about "Your Land".

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*You cannot play the event battle if there is no empty slot for accepting quests.
*To challenge the same difficulty in a party, all the party members are required to select the same difficulty.
*The event period and rewards are subject to change.
*Limited-time events or promotions may be held again in the future on different conditions after they have ended.

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