[EDIT][Maintenance Completed] Major Update with New Story Missions & New Maps!

Through this maintenance, Chapter 14's latest story mission "The Surviving Siblings" has been added.

The latest mission "The Surviving Siblings" begins from "Menabra Plains".

Furthermore, "Perdida Wasteland" and "Eumano Village Ruins", the new maps in which the story mission is set, have also been released.
Enjoy the new adventure tale being unfolded in the new maps!

Please refer to the following for other maintenance contents.

Maintenance Details

・New Recipes Addition.
・Few updates on the security system.

The end of Collaboration Event.

The following contents will become unavailable after this maintenance.
・Collab Event Limited Battle
・Sales of Collab Avatar
・Daily Emblems

*Event Prize Exchange will be available until 7/11/2024 before the maintenance.

・Toram's Live Stream present delivery.

They will be automatically sent to your accounts, so please check them from [Menu > Community > Mailbox > Present].

The following improvements have been applied.

・Adjusted the UI for the Alchemy Skill "Color Saving".
Item part is now labeled with an alphabet instead of a number.

The following issues have been fixed.

・A bug where there is a possibility that “Gerumi” from Alchemia Story Collab appears in Your Land as a stray monster.
・The MP Charge activated by the gem case "Maximizer Converter" is not reflected properly on Skill: "Chronos Shift".
・The MP Charge activated by the gem case "Maximizer Converter" cannot be used with Skill: "Abstract Arms".
・Minor bug fixes.

[EDIT:6/28 6:00 PM(JST)]
The following content will be fixed by restarting the app after 6/28 6:00 PM (JST/ GMT+9).

・The newly added "Lyre Bow" has an abnormal shooting range.

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