"NO GAME NO LIFE" x "Toram Online" Collab Celebration Photo Contest Winners Announcement!!

We are pleased to announce the prize-winning works of the "NO GAME NO LIFE" x "Toram Online" Collab Celebration Photo Contest held between 5/30/2024 and 6/20/2024!

Thank you very much for all the awesome entries for our Photo Contest.

★:PR Potum's Award

★:Prizes & Awards

PR Potum's Award

★:PR Potum's Award(1/5)

★:PR Potum's Award(2/5)

★:PR Potum's Award(3/5)

★:PR Potum's Award(4/5)

★:PR Potum's Award(5/5)

PR Potum's Award(1/5):

Judges' Comments

Those pixel characters look like they're about to start moving in the game, pom!
This illustration brings back such fond memories of the good old days, pom......
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PR Potum's Award(2/5):

Judges' Comments

The collab Emotion is being used so nicely, pom!
Potum also wants to get the adventurer's help for training, pom!
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PR Potum's Award(3/5):

Judges' Comments

A work of art that exudes a deep passion for bare-handed combat, pom!
The Potum's silhouette in the background provides a nice contrast to this artwork, pom~!
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PR Potum's Award(4/5):

Judges' Comments

It looks like a very fun takoyaki party with the adventurers, pom!
The Potums will eat a lot of takoyaki too, pom!
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PR Potum's Award(5/5):

Judges' Comments

A fantastic illustration that exhibits a high level of attention to detail, pom~!
The Potums drawn on the cards are eye-catching, pom!
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Prizes & Awards

PR Potum's Award (5 winners)

Selected and awarded by Toram Online Operator Potum.
Prizes:Book of Oblivion x1, Notebook of Oblivion x1, and special collab acrylic block.

The winners will be DM'ed by Toram Online's PR Potum トーラムオンラインの広報ポトゥムさん(@toram_pr) later.
After checking the message, please contact us via the contact form in the app from [ Menu > Orb Shop > Contact Us > Other ].
*Please understand that the acrylic block can only be shipped within Japan.

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