[EDIT]Stoodie's Experiment Is Coming Out! Complete It Within the Time Limit!!

"Stoodie's Experiment", a fresh battle content with new sensation!

"Stoodie's Experiment" can be played solo or in parties and there are also gem cases for "Registlet" that you can only get from here, so make sure to challenge it with your friends and guild members and get various gorgeous items!

★:"Stoodie's Experiment" Challenge Overview

★:Conditions to Join "Stoodie's Experiment"

★:"Stoodie's Experiment" Challenge Flow

"Stoodie's Experiment" Challenge Overview

Collect as many treasure boxes as possible in the dungeon while defeating monsters to get additional time and aim to defeat the target boss within the time limit!

WINIf you defeat the target boss.
LOSEIf you run out of time.
Defeat a MonsterTime is added.
Collect a Treasure BoxTime is reduced.
Get Knocked OutIf you run out of HP, you will automatically return to the starting point.
RetreatOnly the party leader can select "Retreat" from the log out menu.

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Conditions to Join "Stoodie's Experiment"

After completing the story mission "The King of Darkan", you will be able to challenge it by using a participation ticket at NPC "Stoodie" that appears in El Scaro.

The map you can choose depends on the progress of your story mission.

Completed the story mission
"The Dragon and Black Crystal"
Lv.30Fiery VolcanoCompleted the story mission
"The Star Wizard"
Lv.50Ancient Empress's TombCompleted the story mission
"Monsters from Outerworld"
Lv.70Gravel TerraceCompleted the story mission
"The Falling Feather of Death"
Lv.90Garden of SublimationCompleted the story mission
"To the World of the Living"
Lv.110Blazing GrabenCompleted the story mission
"Mystery of the Black Knights"
Lv.130Monster's ForestCompleted the story mission
"Chaotic Truth"
Lv.150Dark Dragon ShrineCompleted the story mission
"At Mountains' End"
Lv.170Labilans SectorCompleted the story mission
"A New Beginning"
Lv.190Ducia CoastCompleted the story mission
"The Duel in Nov Diela"
Lv.210Fugitive Lake SwampCompleted the story mission
"The Weredragons & the Underground World"
Spring of RebirthCompleted the story mission
"The Weredragons & the Underground World"

The higher the recommended level, the more difficult the dungeon is, but the rewarded items will be more valuable.

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"Stoodie's Experiment" Challenge Flow

Favorable Tips!

Before you enter, you can use a gem to get special boosts that will only be active during the challenge in the dungeon, so make sure you use them effectively!

The challenge begins if you tap Ready!
If you are in a party, all the players in the party need to tap Ready!

When you get a treasure box, the time will be reduced according to the type of treasure box you get.

When you defeat a monster in the dungeon, the time will be added.

The challenge is cleared if you defeat the specified boss monster in each map within the time limit.

After clearing the challenge, you can get rewards based on the type of the treasure boxes collected.

New Enhancer "Registlet" Implemented

Let's add the "Gem Cases" obtainable from "Stoodie's Experiment" to your "Registlet" slot to enhance your skill or get a special ability!

After completing the story mission "The King of Darkan", you will be able to play the challenge "Stoodie's Experiment" from the NPC "Stoodie" in "El Scaro" and the "Registlet" system will become available when you complete it for the first time.

Please refer to "this news" for more details.

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*You are unable to bring a mercenary or pet to "Stoodie's Experiment".
*Even if you fail to defeat the target boss monster within the time limit, you can still get the rewards that you have obtained.
*When more than 1 player uses the same boost, only 1 boost will be used and it will be randomly selected from the users.
*1 gem will be replenished at 5:00 AM (JST) every day. You can also replenish the gem with Orbs.
*If you are in a party, only the party leader's gem will be used.
As for boost, the gem of the member that chooses to use it will be used.

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