Toram's 7th Anniversary Photo Contest: Call for Entries! Create, Snap, and Post!

Toram's 7th Anniversary Photo Contest: Call for Entries! Create, Snap, and Post!

We will be celebrating Toram Online's 7th Anniversary on 7/17/2022 and we have decided to hold Toram's 7th Anniversary Photo Contest to celebrate it!

Let's liven Toram Online's 7th Anniversary up by preserving the memories with your friends and picturing the epic moment of intense battle with a powerful monster through various forms of works related to Toram!

The winners will receive Orb x50 and gorgeous in-game items and their works will be showcased with commentaries on our official website, Twitter, and Bemmo Channel.

We hope to receive as many entries as possible!

Contest Schedule

Entry Period: Friday, 07/01/2022 12:00 PM (JST/GMT+9) ~ Monday, 08/15/2022 12:00 PM (JST/GMT+9)
Winners Announcement: Scheduled for late August-early September 2022
Prize Delivery:Scheduled for mid-September 2022

★:How to Enter?

★:Prizes & Awards


How to Enter

1Prepare a piece of artwork (screenshot, illustration, or handicraft) related to Toram Online created by you.
2Follow Toram's official Twitter account (@toram_pr).
3Tweet a picture of it within the entry period and make sure to include the hashtag #ToramPhotoChallenge

That's it!

Make Use of the View Mode Feature to Capture the Perfect Shot!

Picture taken with normal "Screenshot"Picture taken with "Screenshot" in View Mode

By choosing the View Mode that you have added to the shortcut, you will be able to move the screen angle without moving your character.
To take a picture in View Mode, you can use the usual "Screenshot" button or the key that you have set as the shortcut for screenshot.

Check out "this news" for more details about the screenshot feature in Toram Online!

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Prizes & Awards

Suzuki P Award (3 winners)

Selected and awarded by Suzuki P, the producer of Toram Online.
Prizes: Orb x50, Anniversary Gem x1, Legendary XXX
*Legendary XXX will be decided randomly.

PR Potum's Award (9 winners)

Selected and awarded by Toram Online Operator Potum.
Prizes: Orb x50, Anniversary Gem x1

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*Your submission will be deemed invalid if:
- You don't use the specified hashtags.
- We find out that you have submitted someone else's work.
- You submit your work past the entry period.
- Our team believes that your submission is inappropriate.
- The option to Receive Direct Messages from anyone is disabled.
- Your Twitter Account is made Private.

*Please comply with Twitter Terms of Service when you submit your work.

*Only screenshots (still images) will be screened.

*Screenshots that have been edited or modified are also allowed.

*You are allowed to submit multiple works.

*Screenshots that have been edited or modified are also allowed.

*Works that have been posted on social media in the past are also allowed.
(But not the works that have been submitted for previous contests)

*Hashtags are not case-sensitive.

*Only images in formats supported by Twitter can be submitted.
*Please note that even if you win, your prize will be canceled if you are not following "Toram Online PR Potum's Twitter account (@toram_pr)" when we announce the winners.

*The same submission will not win multiple awards.
However, you may win multiple awards if you have more than one submission.

*The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicant.

*Both the applicant and ASOBIMO, Inc. own the rights to use the submitted work.
All the submitted works including those that did not win any awards will be managed by ASOBIMO, Inc. and may also be used in our website, advertising media, social media, etc. without compensation.
By submitting your work, you confirm that you have read and agree to the conditions stated above.

*Please refrain from submitting contents that harm the image of a character, violate, or risk to violate public morals and social standards.

*Please understand that the schedule may be subject to change.

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