【Live】Silver Coryn

9/22(Thur) 12:00 PM (JST/GMT+9) is the Toram Online Official Live Stream of Bemmo Channel

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[In this program, foreign MC Sarah learns to Toram.]
[The data used in production is borrowed from the development team.]

Let's Visit Your Land

Silver Coryn

Featuring:Sarah(Bemmo Channel Toram English MC)

*Please note that schedule of live streams, content,
 and presenters may be subject to change without notice.



We want to show your screenshots, pictures, and illustrations on #bemmo channel!♪

The user we feature during our #Toram Online live stream will receive either a Gem to help them out in future boss fights!

Ultimate GemIncreases Base Drop Rate to 100%.Strengthens the boss monsters.
Legendary GemIncreases Base Drop Rate to 50%.Strengthens the boss monsters.
Super Rare Drop GemIncreases Base Drop Rate to 25%.Strengthens the boss monsters.

Remember to tag your pictures with #bemmoshow !

※How To Receive Your Present※
 We will notify the user we select via DM from the official Toram Online twitter account (@toram_pr).
 In order to get our DM, please make sure you follow @toram_pr !

Check out this link for more details!Tweet

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Make Use of View Mode!
It's Perfect for #bemmoshow!

Picture taken with normal "Screenshot"

Picture taken with "Screenshot" in View Mode

By choosing the View Mode that you have added to the shortcut, you will be able to move the screen angle without moving your character.

How to Switch to View Mode

Menu > Settings > Shortcuts > Choose a shortcut slot, Menu > View Mode.

To take a picture in View Mode, you can use the usual "Screenshot" button or the key that you have set as the shortcut for screenshot.

Check out "this news" for more details about the screenshot feature in Toram Online!

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